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Happy Lunar New Year! An Amazing Celebration in Fisher!

Happy New Year every one! January 30th was the first day of Chinese New Year-the year of Horse! To me, it was my first time to celebrate this traditional Chinese festival abroad. It should be the day to spend with family members, just like Christmas. This year, instead of celebrating it with my family members in Beijing, I celebrated it with my new family members in Columbus! Check this video for all those sweet greetings sent from my classmates:

Isn’t it sweet? All of them in the video are saying Happy New Year in Chinese. My fantastic classmates are so interested in learning Chinese and Chinese culture.

photo-CNY2So, in Fisher, as an international student, you are never alone. Last Saturday night, the CBPA(Chinese Business Professional Association) and MBLE Council held the Chinese New Year Gala in Fisher. A total of 150 people attended this gala, including First year and second year MBA students, MBLE students,  professors, and corporate guests. Everybody had a lot of fun. Picking eggs by using chopsticks, guessing the Chinese idioms, Chinese Kongfu show……and, of course, Chinese food! 3 hours passed fast…..I’m even looking forward to the gala next year! And I hope more and more friends come and join us to celebrate the new year.

As Chinese old saying, it’s always lucky for a person born in the year of Horse. I wish, not only to those who were born in the year of horse, but also to everyone in the MBA program, a prosperous year of Horse! Good luck in your MBA study!

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My First Year MBA Life Begins!

After 5 years working, I finally choose to come back to school to pursue a MBA degree. Exciting! Everything at Fisher and OSU is new to me; it’s totally different from my past experience in the undergraduate university in Beijing. During Pre-term from 5/Aug to 21/Aug, I met my dearest classmates,  those guys will spend the next 2 years with me. How wonderful! It must be quite  amazing to share each others’ experience and wonderful stories in class. Also, each of us was assigned to a team, usually 4-5 team members per team, including 1-2 international students and 1-2 female students. For my team, my dear team 13, we have John, Tara, Joey, Deepu and me. It is important to build a team successfully because many assignments are required to be handed in as a team. I must say, my team members are fabulous, talented, passionate and nice!


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