adventure at the Columbus Zoo

Yesterday afternoon my friend and I went to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. It sounded wonderful to me since I have never been there before. With great excitement, I rushed to the gate of the zoo right after I got out of the car.

The scenery there was beautiful and natural as if you were standing among the prairie and jungle. After taking some photos in front of the zoo, my friends and I decided to go to the “North America” section first. The Polar Frontier, the new area, made me feel like I was transported from central Ohio right into the heart of the Arctic. The first animal I saw was a polar bear, which was moving around ,relaxing and enjoying the sunshine in the afternoon. However, he was not likely to get close to people, but instead he found some place behind the giant rock and took a good nap. This did not affect my mood since he was so cute that I could not help to love him. The second kind of animal we found were Arctic foxes. If the sign outside did not say that they could not be treated as pets, I bet many visitors would like to take one back home and have fun with them.

Afterward, we went to visit the “Asian Quest” part of the zoo where we saw a young python sleeping in a corner of its habitat, bats hanging upside down from the ceiling and wrapping their whole bodies with its “clothes” (wings). In addition, I also got an opportunity to know the vegetarians in the Aquarium, the Cow Nose Stingray and Manatees. Cow Nose Stingray looked like a kite flying gracefully through the water. Its skeleton was made of cartilage with no bones, which made the stingray very flexible. The manatees in the zoo were rescued from the wild and cared for until they could be released back into the wild. They were vegetarians; I could see clearly them eating lettuce casually and happily. The experience in the zoo was impressive and amazing. It was an experience I won’t soon forget.

experiencing the Rosetta Stone Language Program at Fisher

Half a month ago, I registered for the Rosetta Stone Language Program. It is offered to Fisher students as a language program through the Fisher international programs office. Since there are many kinds of languages which can be learned, I chose French. Before I logged into the program, I learned that the Rosetta Stone Language Program has an advanced speech recognition technology which can compare the learner’s voice with a native speaker and guides him or her to more accurate pronunciations.

With curiosity, I got into the program. There are five levels from the fundamental stage to the advanced stage. I look through the content in level 1 and what comes into mind immediately are several colorful pictures accompanied with native speaker’s voice. When I click one of the pictures, I hear the pronunciation of  a word or a sentence that is illustrated in the picture. After a review of all the pictures, it is my turn to engage in the interactive, life-like conversation based in-context. The first word I have to read is bonjour (hello). After a demonstration from the system, I followed the pronunciation and accent to make sure it comes close to the  native voice.

Although the single word can be simple to imitate, it is actually a hard process to speak out complete phrases and sentences fluently. For instance, la fille court means that a girl is running; le garcon court means that a boy is running. There are many subtle differences among the french words. However, if the speaker does not pronounce an accent correctly even in a small phonetic symbol, the interactive system will not differentiate the context. The unique and personalized quality of the program stimulates the learner to produce completely new spoken or written language as a born native person starts to learn his or her home language. The brand new language environment causes me to study quickly. Nowadays, I feel like I get much more benefit from this program because as soon as I see the image, I can speak out sentences without translation in my mind.  What a wonderful experience! One of my goals is that I will continue to study and try to learn a romantic french song as soon as possible!

preparation for Halloween

As an international student, I honestly have no idea what exactly the Halloween holiday is until I arrived here.

However, after my first step into America, I found everything brand new and amazing. I always want to join the locals’ lives and experience unique things in this diversified country. Time flies as I have been here for one and a half month. And now Halloween is coming. With the holiday atmosphere around me everywhere, I signed up for the the Fisher College of Business Halloween party next Friday with no hesitation.

Consequently, the most important thing was to get a unique and fantastic costume. Both of my roommates and I were too excited to fall asleep last night. This morning, we went to the Halloween City store in University Village. There were various kinds of costumes, wigs and ornaments from kids to adults. First thought in my mind was to be an angel for Halloween. Therefore I selected a white dress, which symbolizes purity and perfection. After putting it on, I felt really satisfied about my choice. I cannot wait for the Halloween party on Friday!

amazing bowling game!

Is anyone familiar with bowling? Bowling is a very popular game worldwide, and it keeps growing in popularity. When people can bowl well, they will not only gain confidence, but also will have more fun. Last weekend, I had an experience as a beginner, and learned some useful tips about playing bowling.

I did not play that well since it was my first time to experience it in America. Some kind American friends drove my classmate and me to a bowling alley in the western part of Columbus. When I got to the alley, I was shocked by the advanced facilities and human-based service. We chose our lane and shoes. When the game began,the first bowler was Mike who got a strike in the first frame, which made everyone excited and we clapped for him. The second person was me – I had few practice rolls before and was extremely nervous. I did not know even where to place my hands. One friendly American girl named Kelly came to teach me that I could pick up a bowling ball light enough for me because the right balance is very important. Then for beginners the essential bowling tip was to use a five step approach when coming up to the lane. Although many experienced bowlers prefer to use a hook approach, I first worked on throwing the straight ball. I aimed at the seven pin and ten pin as the girl told me. With nervousness, I tried my best bowling the ball. What surprised me was that I hit 6 pins, which was such an amazing thing. My confidence increased. All my friends  felt happy for me. I wanted to improve after a good start. The girl’s suggestion actually worked because  I could at least pick up spares when I did not get strikes. I asked for her advice again and she told me that I could work on a quick delivery of the ball so that the ball would move slowly out of my hand and along the lane without banging against the floor. I listened carefully and followed her advice. The results turned out great that I successfully hit the spares. Other friends did really well. I learned many things from them. For instance, Mike taught me that the wrist and fingers should be used correctly since a spin on the ball could cause the ball to change direction midway.

While the above advice may seem a good way for people to get a real fast start on learning bowling techniques, as I am a total beginner, the best advice is to practice step by step based on the fundamentals and pay attention to every single thing. I believe that in the near future, I will get a chance to try to bowl using a “hook.”

Exciting 2010 Alumni Awards

September 24th was a great evening, with plenty of  students and alumni   getting together to celebrate at the impressive annual Dean’s Dinner and Alumni Awards Presentation.

I felt very honored to sign up for this event, which offered me a great opportunity to recognize so many excellent and outstanding alumni and get to know their personal stories. I was assigned to the No. 2 table. Most people around me were MBA students. I was very glad to speak with them. On my left was a couple, of which the husband studies MBA here and his wife works for a not-for-profit hospital.  They moved from another city in Ohio and live a very happy life. On my right was an MBA student from India. She told me that she was a volunteer for football games, which sounded amazing to me since I always dreamed to watch a live football game. I cannot wait to join this volunteer team to have fun as a real Buckeye!

The evening began at half past six and had already passed one hour. Time flies when you are having fun. The program began when we were having dinner. The kick-off was the welcome from the Director of Alumni Relations, Michelle Jacobson. She gave a short introduction about this meaningful event. Then followed a message from the Dean, Christine A. Poon. She then started to give a presentation for each alumnus awarded. The Fisher Alumni Society Board established awards in the following categories: Young Professional, Community Service, International, Entrepreneurship, and Distinguished. 5 winners each gave touching speeches about their lives and careers. I was deep moved. From their stories you can see the warm support from their families, encouragement from their previous faculty, effort for their successful careers and appreciation to the Fisher College of Business. Although most of their speeches were  simple and short, they left numerous sincere and expressive thoughts for the audience.