Endless Possibilities at Fisher

While sitting down with a prospective candidate of the SMF program and Nicholas Denker at lunch the other day, I had time to reflect on what Ohio State has to offer students. You should know the vast amount of resources you have at your disposal here at Fisher College of Business, although I can’t name them all within this short blog post!

Just within the first half of the year, I have learned from professors who have very recent work experience, professors who hail from other nations and give new perspectives on issues, and even a professor who was in the armed forces. All have been excellent and helpful. Just because this is a large school does not mean professors are not able to meet with students. Professors always encourage us to stop into office hours to see them.

Also, the wide variety of working professional and academic professors is a huge benefit to students. Their experience and connections give students more knowledge than we know what to do with. They expect the best out of the class and, in time, the transformation from student to professional takes place.

This is Professor Kewei Hou during an interview explaining his research. Professor Hou is currently teaching the Derivatives Markets course.

The SMF program brings in speakers from all different types of industries, as well. On most Friday mornings, there are presentations (set up by Fisher faculty and staff) featuring a variety of leaders. You can come in and listen to industry experts who are actively working. Not only will you be able to gain insight from their presentations, but a select number of students each week can have lunch with the speakers to ask any questions that come to mind. This perk is not limited to just the business college. The entire university brings in highly-regarded speakers. Just this past week, OSU  hosted J.D. Vance to talk about his work, The Hillbilly Elegy.

Fisher College of Business has a vast alumni network, as well. The success of past graduates helps us as future graduates achieve even more. To be able to go on LinkedIn and see that alumni of Fisher are working at almost every company I look up is reassuring that I can do great like my colleagues before me. These alumni know all too well the difficulties that may lie ahead for students. From my experience, these alumni have responded when I reach out to them and provided great advice for me to move forward with. Put in the work and Fisher will reward you with the knowledge you need to succeed.

Group Projects (and Pushing Yourself) in the Fisher SMF Program

Since the first quarter has come and gone, I want to share one of my “finals week” experiences– and show you how great my classmates in Fisher are. Students here all care about the quality of our work. We are here for a reason and we expect a lot from ourselves. During finals week, there was a take-home case project assigned in one of our classes. My group decided to get together at my apartment and dedicate an evening towards the completion of this assignment.

Projects like this can be stressful due to the large impact on your overall grade, so I wanted to put forth good effort to show my progress thus far. And that’s how everyone is. At Fisher, all students put forth exceptional work. We feed off of each other and our hard work pushes us to continually improve each week. This makes working in groups a much more pleasant experience than at the undergraduate level. Each member brings something to the project. To be able to use everyone’s strengths to improve the overall outcome of the project is something that has real-world applications. Having teammates use their strengths to “fill in the gaps” of the team really improves knowledge obtained from the classrooms.

Our specific project was to analyze a company’s situation that has arisen from economic pressures. The goal was to look over financial reports to make a valuation of the company and provide recommendations for senior management. Having such great classmates makes tasks like these more enjoyable than solo projects. You learn a lot from others… and hopefully, I taught some lessons along the way to my teammates!

Hello, Buckeyes!

Hello, my name is Garrett Koutsopoulos and it’s an honor to share my OSU experience with you all. I am a current SMF student along with some of the other bloggers on this site. Seeing that this is my first post, I would like to share my background so you can learn a little about me before we get underway.

I am from Vermilion, Ohio. It’s a little town in northern Ohio that sits right on Lake Erie. I grew up a Cleveland sports fan so anything Indians-, Cavaliers-, or Browns-related I enjoy talking about. I’m especially interested in baseball, but I enjoy many other sports. Growing up near a lake has given me great chances to enjoy the outdoors and water. Just this past summer, I had a job instructing people how to kayak and paddle board on the Vermilion River. Vermilion is a great place to grow up. I can look out my back windows and see farm fields– and then drive uptown to enjoy the city. It’s a great combination of rural and suburban life.

This is me at work this past summer on the Vermilion River in Vermilion, Ohio.

I completed my undergraduate degree from Tiffin University which is located in northwest Ohio. While there, I played baseball, obtained a BBA, and worked part-time for the university’s weight room. My experience there was amazing and I met people who impacted my life in the most positive of ways. My head baseball coach, Joe Wilkins, also went to The Ohio State University. He was a four-year catcher for the baseball team while here.

This is the Heminger Field at Tiffin University.

I have always rooted for the Buckeyes growing up, but now, I can officially call myself a Buckeye. I have been in Columbus for over a month now and it has not disappointed. I look forward to sharing my experiences throughout the school year to give you an inside look at what class and social life looks like while being a Buckeye.