Selecting MBA Electives at Fisher

During the second semester of your Fisher MBA program, you get to explore elective courses. These elective courses, unlike the core classes, are designed to give you an in-depth look and a chance to explore possible career options. Here are short descriptions of the electives I signed up for.

Managerial and Advanced Negotiations: Professor Dumas teaches practical ways to polish your negotiation skills.  Each lesson is largely centered on in-class exercises. Because we practice negotiation skills in a variety of settings, we know how to efficiently handle conflicts. Not only they are immensely useful in job interviews, these skills will help you manage your teams better. I would recommend both classes to everyone!

Professor Tracy Dumas
Professor Tracy Dumas in Managerial Negotiations

Corporate DiversificationThis course focuses on the strategic management of multi-market firms. Ever wonder why some companies are better at diversification than the others? Professor Hawk goes over competing on resources, different modes of diversification, when to ally and when to acquire. Just like the core strategy class, you will apply knowledge from all other classes -finance, marketing, operations, etc. – and apply them to case studies. If you are interested in corporate strategy, this is a great class.

Global Marketing & SustainabilityProfessor Griffin, Chief Sustainability Officer at Greif, teaches how multi-national firms respond to sustainability. Due to increased public awareness about environmental problems, there are challenges and opportunities for these companies. Through case studies, we analyze diverse ways to shape marketing strategy in the face of the such challenges. Also, we learn how to harness sustainability to drive innovation and profit. Interested in sustainability? You can’t ask for a better class!

Photos from Fisher Follies Auction

Fisher Follies Auction had wonderful donations from our student, faculty & staff! (Click here for more information on Fisher Follies.) Here are some quick facts and photos from the auction:

Number of donations at this year’s auction: 134

Amount of money raised at this year’s auction: $19,708

Julian and Alycia
Two beautiful ladies getting ready for the big event. Thank you, Julian & Alycia!

Most popular items were…. are you ready?

1. A Winter BBQ at “The Sanctuary” for 20 Donated by Professors Larry Inks and Tony Rucci Raised $2,520
2. C-Suite Mentoring Trip to Chicago for 3 Donated by Professor Shashi Matta Raised $2,200

3. Two sets of 2 Fisher Suite football tickets in the Horseshoe (for one conference game and one non-conference game) plus invitations to the official Fisher Tailgate at the Blackwell Hotel. Donated by Dean Christine Poon Raised $1,500

I donated a vintage Japanese wedding kimono.

Follies auction
Wedding kimono

All of us were having so much fun, I don’t think anyone wanted to leave when it was over.

Gift basket
Child’s gift basket


Wine basket
Wine basket & Tickets to see Conan
Live auction
Live auction

Weekend is Family Time!

Earlier this year, I had to choose between two graduate schools. Staying in Cincinnati was an easy, comfortable choice. But I had my heart set on the Ohio State University. This amazing opportunity to attend Fisher and Moritz was offered to me, I just couldn’t pass on it. I thought, ‘Oh, so many couples live apart, we can do it. It’s only 2 hours away.’

Luckily my husband was open to the idea. Bless him! I have never met anyone who’s more loving than Mike. I knew he was the one after the second date. That was 7 years ago and we are now married for 2 years.

It was really hard to ask my dad and sister if they would be OK with it. See, they moved to Cincinnati all the way from Portland, Oregon at my request. Dad was too sick to work, so I asked them to relocate. 3 years later, he is much healthier and has a lot of friends in the Korean community. Eunsol is a high school senior. We have a big age difference – she is like a daughter to me. (Teenage daughter, that is) Both of them wanted me to follow my heart and attend Fisher.

Do I ever regret moving to Columbus? No. But I feel guilty sometimes. Being able to go home every weekend makes me feel better. Many students in the MBA program are involved in long distance relationships. Some have loved ones in another country! I can’t complain about being 2 hours away… what I’m trying to say that having a significant other may complicate your decision on which school to attend if you’re looking at MBA programs. But, together, you’ll end up making the best decision for both of you!

Family lunch at Panera Bread
Mike and Eunsol troubleshooting a computer problem together.

A Day in the Life of a Fisher MBA Student

Or a week in the life of an MBA student

First term ended a week ago, I am thankful for the wonderful professors at Fisher. It is amazing how much you can grow in 7 weeks. It took me a while to get used to being a full-time student. (5 hours of sleep?! More coffee, please…) Here is a quick overview of a typical week so far:


Wake up at 4 am in Cincinnati, arrive in Columbus at 6 am

8:30-11:45 am Data Analysis and Managerial Economics

Lunch, errands, reading assignments, gym, dinner, homework


8:30-11:45 am Marketing Management and Accounting

Lunch and core team meeting

1:15-2:45 pm Workshop Core

More reading assignments and homework


Same classes as Monday

ProjectOne team meeting

Seminar on MBA Career Path

Did I mention endless homework and readings?


Same classes as Tuesday, usually no Workshop Core

Student club meeting

Grocery shopping, gym, yes, more readings to do


Same classes as Monday

ProjectOne meeting

Drive home (Cincinnati)

It’s our Date Night! Mike and I go out for dinner and dancing

Saturday & Sunday

Catch up with my dad and sister

Run errands, do laundry, go grocery shopping, cook… household chores

Check email, start reading & homework assignments for next week

Watch Criminal Minds, Burn Notice, Castle, NCIS

Pack up for the week in Columbus


I talk to my husband 2-3 times a day. We talk about school, work, life, and silly little things. Because we see each other only on the weekends & holidays, it is important to have open and honest communications. One of these days, I will learn to Skype!



Make your apartment feel like home

Finding a place to live is a big deal for any grad student. More than likely you will sign a year-long lease because short-term rentals are costly. You will pay extra $ per month for short-term rentals, otherwise landlords will forfeit a security deposit for breaking a lease early. Make sure you read a rental agreement closely and ask lots of questions before putting down a deposit.

Since I was looking for a place where I can stay for four years, I visited Columbus many times to check out various neighborhoods and rental properties. This site is a great one-stop source for off-campus housing near OSU. Craigslist and are other good options. Also, there are several great blogs on how to choose the right place, written by other student bloggers.


I wanted to live close to OSU campus. However, there are some “party houses” close to the campus. If you see lots of beer bottles strewn about, you should stay away from those places. (unless you are interested in partying from Thursday afternoon to Monday morning)


My husband and I have a house in the suburb of Cincinnati, which is an hour and half away. Since I go home on the weekends and for holidays, there was no reason to get an expensive apartment. I wanted a small one-bedroom or an efficiency under $550.


Finding a safe neighborhood is crucial. It gets dark early during winter, so stick with well-lit streets. Speak to people who live there, do they feel safe?

Luckily, I found a studio apartment on N 4th Street. All utilities are included in the monthly rent – no high heating bills when the cold weather arrives. Plus, locked entries and free wireless internet!! I moved in and started decorating right away.

Tips on decorating your apartment

  • Use color – Color is the easiest way to decorate your rooms. Pick one color as a base and add two to three coordinating (or contrasting) colors for vibrancy.
  • Be comfortable -Cozy throws and large cushions are good, but banish unnecessary clutters.
  • Show off your collectibles – Are you a Star Wars fan? College Football mania? Whatever your interests are, dedicate a space to display a collection.
  • Bring a little bit of home – Something to remind you of home, such as favorite photos.
  • Pick up essentials – Computer, printer, microwave, bed, desk, chairs… the list goes on and on. My bed is from Sleep Well Columbus; Desk and chairs are from Ikea. Most of decorations are from local thrift stores like Ohio Thrift, Village Discount Outlet, and New Uses General Store.

End results…

Union Jack from ebay, poster from a local craft store.
Library in the background is vintage bookshelf wallpaper.



Path to JD/MBA

When I was thinking about applying to JD/MBA (dual degree) programs last year, I had three options:

1) Start at Law school, apply for MBA program during year 1 or 2.

2) Start at Business school, apply for JD program during year 1.

3) Apply to both Business school and Law school at the same time.

I chose option 3, as it provided me with a certainty of being admitted to both programs. Studying for LSAT and GMAT together was another reason for choosing option 3. Verbal sections of LSAT and GMAT are similar to each other – so studying for both tests saved me considerable amount of time.

There is no right or wrong way: it just depends on your preference and timing. There are several JD/MBA students at Fisher. Most of them have completed 1-2 years at Moritz, College of Law. I, on the other hand, am spending my first year at Fisher. Completing MBA core classes and a business internship prior to starting 1L is my goal. It will allow a smooth transition into a legal internship and finding a career in business law. Especially, international business law and entrepreneurial law are my top two interests.

If you are contemplating on becoming a JD/MBA, I strongly suggest that you speak to many JD/MBA students. They can share practical tips with you, such as how to juggle application process and keep your sanity; where to find financial aid; what to expect in each program.

Being here at OSU, I know in my heart that I made the right decision. My classmates at Fisher are from all over the world and they are extremely driven. I can only imagine what students at Moritz will be like. It will take a lot of hard work and dedication, but I certainly look forward to starting a career in international business and entrepreneurship in four years.

Sound Body, Sound Mind

Getting fit can be fun and exciting: Check out the Ballroom Dance Club at OSU here.

Whether you are a social dancer, competitive dancer, or even someone with two left feet, this is a great way to exercise.

Here are some photos from beginner’s class. Awesome music + Great teachers + Full participation = A+++!

1st dance class of the year

How to dance with your partner
Partnering in dance


During the lesson, they covered a popular line dance (Wobble, see a clip below), Merengue, Cha Cha. At the end of the session, advanced dancers showed off their skills.

Wobble (2)

Demo (2)

If you like “So You Think You Can Dance” or “Dancing with the Stars”, this is where you can learn all sorts of ballroom dancing. It is a great way to meet new people. It was through ballroom dancing that I met my husband, Mike. Yes, we are the couple who dance till the wee hours at night. If you are single or in a committed relationship, I definitely suggest joining the OSU Ballroom Dance Club!

Dance competition
Mike and I dancing tango