Nida’s Thai on High


A wonderful restaurant that I recently tried in Columbus was Nida’s Thai on High. It had been recommended to me from some fellow MAcc students that they had great Thai food, which I have been looking for a good place to try.

Nida’s is a great location in the Short North and has reasonable prices. They are even open for lunch as well. Nida’s is a cute comfortable environment and a great place to go with friends to eat. I recommend to make reservations or call ahead if you plan to go on a weekend night. My friend and I made that mistake by not but that just gave us an opportunity to walk around the Short North for an hour or so until we could be seated for dinner. We decided to get an appetizer to share in which neither of us have tried, we got Todd Mun Goong, which is deep friend ground shrimp. I ordered my favorite Thai dish the Chicken Pad Sew Ew – it was delicious. It was very flavorful and not too spicy (you have the option of making it as spicy as you want). I would recommend trying Nida’s Thai on High if you have not gotten the opportunity to yet. I will be going back!



Anticipating March Madness …

OSU student basketball season tickets sold out this year in 6 minutes. I was one of the 2400 students waiting at their computers at 6:00 PM when tickets went on sale last semester to buy them.

This year Ohio State has been in the top 25 throughout the year and has played many other top 25 opponents on its home court at which I have gotten the privilege to attend. One of my favorite games thus far this season was the Ohio State vs Michigan game. I arrived about 3 and ½ hours before the game to get in line and lucked out with getting lower bowl seats. The rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan is like nothing I have seen before, the energy was incredible in the arena of 18,000 people. Ohio State went on to win the game 56-53. It was a thrilling game to watch as the teams battled back and forth at the end of the game.


Being from Louisville, I am a Cardinal basketball fan and with the Cards being ranked #1 in the country at the time I decided to road trip back home to catch a game. (Louisville is only ~3.5 hours away from Columbus.) A group of MAcc students and I went to Louisville for the weekend to watch the Syracuse vs Louisville basketball game since some MAcc students are Syracuse fans. One of the many fun things about the Fisher MAcc program is meeting people from all different backgrounds and finding common ground with them. Even though we were cheering for different teams, we had a great time at the game which went down to the last minute. (Syracuse winning unfortunately)

Road trip from Columbus to Louisville to see Louisville take on Syracuse


You need to check out Columbus Restaurant Week

A new experience I recently had was being able to go out to eat in Columbus for Restaurant Week. Restaurant Week is a week in Columbus in which you are given the opportunity to enjoy the best restaurants Columbus has to offer at an irresistible price. They are three-course meals that have prices ranging from $15-35. There are a ton of restaurants to choose from at $15, $20, $25, $30, and $35.  Click here for a complete list of restaurants to choose from.

A group of MAcc students and I decided this was  a great chance to try a place in Columbus in which we typically would not go to to eat. We choose to go to a great Italian place called Rigsby’s Kitchen. Rigsby’s is located on N. High Street in the Short North. Rigsby’s is a 26 year old Columbus dining institution, serving artisan comfort food inspired by local farmers and Italian regional modern cuisine. My Gnocchi Bolognese entree was absolutely delicious! We were able to enjoy a wonderful restaurant and they even had a piano player there for some live music during our dinner. I can’t wait to be able to try somewhere new next year!!

Halfway there …

We are halfway there to completing our Master in Accounting degrees. This past weekend we were able to enjoy some time together with classmates and with our professors at the MAcc Fall Reception. We had a guest speaker from a student in the program last year, Jeff Howard, who was able to give us some great advice about the next semester and our future jobs! We were also able to hear from a few professors and even Dr. Ayra, who told some hilarious jokes. It was a great opportunity to be all together before we started finals week and parted our different ways for winter break. I hope everyone has a great break and I look forward to seeing everyone back in January! Happy Holidays!

MAcc Class of 2013


Matching supply with demand at a Japanese cuisine restaurant (a case study)

One of the many perks of being in the Fisher Master of Accounting program is that you get to pick your electives from a large set of classes. (Almost 80% of the Fisher MAcc degree consists of electives!) One elective I chose to complete was Matching Supply with Demand. So far I have thoroughly enjoyed this class and loved learning something different then accounting. One of our most recent group projects was a Benihana simulation. If you are unfamiliar with Benihana it is a restaurant in which they cook the food right in front of you at tables of 8. Sometimes you sit with people you do not know at the table. It is one of my favorites types of restaurants; I always would choose to go to a similar type of restaurant back home for my birthday with my family. So I was excited to do this project and it even made me go visit a local hibachi grill in Columbus! I worked with a few other students in the MAcc program in this class. For the project we were instructed to go through 5 challenges to pick our best option for running a Benihana restaurant for the night. The challenges included:

1) Picking to batch the customers or not batch the customers as they arrive.

2) Pick the amount of bar seats and tables in the restaurant

3) Pick the dining time during three different intervals of the night. First 5pm to 7pm, 7pm to 8:30pm, and 8:30pm to 10pm.

4) Pick an advertising technique (Happy hour, discounts, or increase advertising)

5) Pick different types of batching at the three interval hours. We could: not batch, or seat tables of 8, or seat tables of 4, or seat tables of 4-8.

Lastly we were asked to come up with our best solution to maximize profit and utilization for the night. I don’t want to spoil the answer for anyone who has not done the project but our group was able to come up with a great solution after analyzing our 5 challenges. I look forward to more interesting projects/ cases to come in the future in my Matching Supply with Demand class!

Helmer’s Heroes

To take a break from all our studying the the Fisher College of Business, the Graduate Assistants in the Graduate Programs Office decided to put together an intramural flag football team to play on Sunday nights.  In honor of Rob Chabot’s dog, we decided on a team name of Helmer’s Heroes. We were unsure as to the level of skill we would have so we decided to join the Co-Rec B league. Our first game we all showed up eager to get the season started! We had 4 guys and 6 girls there the first week. We came out with a bang beating the other team 68-0!!! I think we were all a little surprised at how well we played each with each other. We were all able to get involved with the play and had a great first game. It was great to be able to get out there and practice some things we could maybe use in the upcoming games.

The following week we played a much more competitive team. We were down a player for the first half but still managed to keep them to only a 15 point lead. By the start of the 2nd half we were at full strength and able to start our comeback victory. Andrew Gropper was able to start the comeback with an interception to run back for a touchdown! From there we were able to take over the game and with the help of a few mistakes by the other team (regarding the rules in which we are all still learning them). Tyler was able to get the second touchdown for us as well as the one point conversion in which he made an acrobatic catch to secure the win for our team! We are undefeated going into our last regular season game this weekend.

Check back to see how our season progresses!

Helmer dreaming of his team’s next victory

Country Living Fair


This first half of the semster is flying by. I can’t believe our first 7-week session is almost over! I have enjoyed getting to know some of the city of Columbus. Columbus is fortunate to have many different festivals to attend on the weekends. Another MAcc classmate and I attended the Country Living Show the other weekend at the Ohio State Expo Center. (My mom had come to Columbus to visit to attend the fair but was not able to go on Sunday so she gave me the tickets to use.) The fair was full of antiques, homemade accessories, clothes, and some snacks. There were tons of vendors there from all over the US selling what they make. A few things I enjoyed looking at was the handmade jewerly in which a man made jewelry out of quarters. Also the paintings or decorated trailer homes for sale. Each booth was different and exciting to hear about the process the vendors went through.  Here are a few pictures from the show:


I look forward to experience the other fairs and festivals in Columbus!

Columbus sports: Football and Futbol

A couple of weeks ago, I attended my first Ohio State football game to cheer on the scarlet and grey to a dominating victory over Miami of Ohio. The experience in the Horseshoe was unbelievable. The energy in the entire stadium was electrifying, everyone is extremely passionate about the Buckeyes and you can tell through their enthusiasm throughout the entire game. The highlight of the games was the one handed catch for the first touchdown for the Buckeyes.


I topped the day off with going to watch one of the professional sports teams in Columbus, the Columbus Crew vs the Montreal Impact. Soccer is my passion, I have been playing since the age of 5 and love the game. The Crew have had a 3 game unbeaten streak as the playoffs are getting closer. The game would be a battle as Montreal entered the game on a 5 game unbeaten streak.  The Crew went down 1-0 in the 2nd half but were able to tie the game up with 10 minutes to go. With the addition of stoppage time the Crew claimed victory off a unbelievable cross by Federico Higuain (a recent addition to the team from Argentina) and header into the goal by Emilio Renteria.


Despite the rainy Saturday, I was able to make the most of it by cheering for two Columbus sports teams as they both were victorious.

The trust walk…

Delaine (left) and I looking down at the ground before we start the trust walk
Delaine (left) and I looking down at the ground before we start the trust walk

In the MAcc program we had a two day orientation. The first day was filled with classroom activities and many networking opportunities to meet our new classmates, professors, and future employers.  On the second day we really got to know each other and began to develop trust in each other.

We went to Summit Vision for team building and high ropes activities. My group did a few team building activities to warm-up then went to our first high ropes challenge. I volunteered to go first with a fellow classmate Delaine Britton. The activity was called the trust walk. We anxiously climbed our rope ladders to meet at a platform. On the platform there were two large logs angled outward (it was a V).  This is where the trust comes in: we joined hands and began to walk out on our own log (of course we were harnessed in for when we fell). Delaine and I worked well together, at one point we had to let go of each other so she could climb around the random obstacle of a pole on her side. I patiently held onto a random rope hanging in the middle of our logs. When we were ready to re-join hands we said on the count of 3 we would let go and join hands in the middle. If we did not catch each other we would both fall! So we said together “1,2,3…” and there was no movement from either of us. We laughed about it for a few minutes then decided we are going to trust each other and tried it again. So on the count of 3 we let go and caught each other!! We continued trusting each other as we walked a few more steps and eventually fell before reaching the end of the log. From this I learned we both have to trust each other in order for the trust walk to work or else one of us would have fallen …

Stay tuned for more blog posts as I continue my journey through graduate school at Ohio State!