Back on campus

I recently walked across campus to run some errands–namely, picking up some course packets. Usually I’m just walking from the parking lot to Gerlach and back. Campus has changed a lot since I was an undergrad. Since graduating, Fisher College’s campus and the Schottenstein Center opened, RPAC, Knowlton Hall, the 4-H Center, and the Psychology Building were built, the South Campus Gateway was created, the Horseshoe, the Ohio Union and Thompson Library were refurbished/rebuilt, and so on. It’s amazing how much has changed, but some things are still the same… like the Oval. It’s always so beautiful.

It feels a little odd sometimes studying on Fisher’s campus; it’s certainly part of the rest of the university, but it’s as if it resides in its own little world within Ohio State. It’s very conveniently located for us commuters just off Lane Avenue, but since I only have classes in Gerlach Hall, I feel like I’m going to a much smaller school now than I did when I was an English major at OSU. Back then I was constantly crisscrossing the Oval to go from English class to Biology and then back to the bus to head to my car on the West Campus lot. A lot less exercise is required for the WPMBA students!

What I Did Last Summer

I’m in the Working Professionals MBA program, which means that I took classes over the summer. I started last fall, so I took the first set of summer courses: Organizational Behavior and Financial Accounting. I’m done with all but two core courses, which I will take next summer. Now I’m taking three electives: Business Ethics, Six Sigma Principles, and Financial Management II.

I also attended OSU as an undergrad, and took some summer courses back then. Campus is very different during the summer months. Of course, the university doesn’t shut down. But there is definitely a more relaxed vibe (like you’re attending “brain camp”) and parking is easier to find … that isn’t to say that I (as a WPMBA student) have found parking on campus particularly difficult during the other three quarters, since I arrive after 5pm. I have a WC parking pass, which is far less expensive than the other options. And when we had some bad weather last winter with a lot of snow, I was able to park in the garage next to the Fisher campus instead of the parking lot.

After my summer classes were over, I took a week-long “staycation” with my husband and daughter. We went to the Columbus Zoo (a must with a toddler), the Greek Festival, Grandma’s house, and otherwise we relaxed. We were going to go to Chincoteague Island in Virginia, but because of Hurricane Earl, I’m glad we decided not to. Besides, there is a lot to do around Columbus with your kids. COSI is another obvious choice besides the zoo. I first took my daughter last summer when she was six months old. The Little Kidspace there is lots of fun–she especially loves the water activities there as well as the Ocean exhibit on the first floor. Little Kidspace is getting a new water table in November, so we’ll have to go when it’s completed.