Do you know VITA?

Hi guys,

long time no see.  Sorry for being lazy and not writing much recently.  This quarter actually has turned out to be very eventful.  Not only are we having so many interesting courses to take, but also we got a wonderful chance to join VITA and to be involved into a very meaningful program so we can give something back to the community in which we live.

VITA, standing for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program, is a program providing free tax preparation service to people in need for their income tax return.  Everyone can be one of the volunteers once we take a series of online courses provided by IRS, pass the online test and get certification.  I am so excited to volunteer in the program this year together with many other student from not only MAcc program but also programs such as MBLE.

VITA for this tax season officially started last Friday and I got to volunteer last Saturday in the Law School.  I had never been there before, but thanks to one of my classmates who gave me the ride, finding the law school was not a problem.  Although a little bit late, I still made it and was there for my first time as a “VITA volunteer.”  All volunteers were assigned into teams of 2 or 3 and worked with our clients face to face and did our best to help them to go through their tax returns.  I actually learned more about income tax preparation and gained a lot of personal knowledge while serving others.  I am going to volunteer a few more times during this year, and I am sure that I will do it next year if I have the chance!

P.S. For more information on Fisher’s involvement with VITA, click here.

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi guys, long time no see.  Sorry for not showing up for a period of time.  I feel that I should at least write something on such a special day.  Well~~today is November 25th, my very first Thanksgiving in America.  So happy Thanksgiving to you all!

I am glad that not only can I experience this important festival, but also I had a chance to help prepare Thanksgiving dinner today.  Although I am still not “qualified” for being involved in any processes with the turkey, at least I could work in the kitchen, helping to peel the potatoes and make them into mashed potatoes.

This is actually going to be a very short one.  Autumn Quarter for the Fisher MAcc program is going to finish within the next two weeks and I really gained a great experience in the program.  I made new friends, learned a lot of stuff and made a new life for myself.  So now at this moment I just want to give thanks for being here in the Fisher MAcc program.  I am sure that every one of you must have something to be thankful for this year, too, so just think about those good things, have a smile on your face and enjoy your Thanksgiving !

Walk for hope~~

It was a great day on Sunday: sunny, a little bit windy, but not too cold.  I wasn’t being lazy and didn’t stay in bed as I normally would on Sunday mornings. Instead I went out early for a meaningful event – the Hemophilia Walk.

I got the information about this event from one of our student organization-FisherServes.  I thought it would be a great event, thus I did some search about the event online.  Hemophilia Walk is a nationwide event, it was launched in 2008 and has been held each year since then.  This event is set up for raising people’s awareness of the disease and helping to raise funds for research, advocacy and education related to the disease.

The walk was actually a fun but also meaningful event.  Individuals, families gathered together, walking and contributing to helping the group of people in need.  This year, the walk in Columbus was held on OSU’s campus, every participant walking on the paths (one longer, the other shorter) designed by the sponsors of the event. We could choose to walk on the longer path or the shorter one.  I chose the longer one and walked for miles around the campus with a crowd of other participants.  People from different areas just grouped together, bringing their kids in wagons or taking their dogs with them, to walk for the same reason – to help find a cure for hemophilia.

I really recommend you try to attend the event next year, since it’s really wonderful to do something that helps others while you can have lots of fun.

In case you may want to know more about the walk, I included a link of its website so that you can check it out.  Have a nice week ~~

President Obama was at OSU yesterday

I am pretty lucky that after only two months of living in the U.S., I got a chance to see President Obama’s live speech at OSU.

The event took place at 5:30 yesterday afternoon.  Although I have already been at school since 4:30, it still took me almost an hour to get to the Oval.  The line was so long that the crowd made a circle around Ohio Stadium.  Well, I got to see people’s enthusiasm towards Obama’s arrival.

I got to say that things went a little bit beyond my imagination.  I was hoping to see the President step up to the stage at the very beginning of the event.  However, instead, I got a chance to hear speeches from other important politicians first.  And I was also surprised that I got to see a good musical band perform and also got to hear John Legend sing.

For most of my American classmates, many of them say that they have been at in similar election campaign events even when they were children while sitting on their fathers’ shoulders.  However, it was a fresh and new experience to a student from a foreign country like me.  It was really impressive to see that there is a platform for ordinary people to get to know the policies of their country’s leaders and to be involved in building the future of their own country.

Going to my first Ohio State football game


Hi guys, how have you been this week?  If you happened to check my blog last week, you may remember that I promised to write something interesting this week.  This is it — The football game!  This is the first live football game that I have ever watched. (I wouldn’t say this is the first football game I watched, since I watched the football game last weekend on TV and tried to learn at least the most basic rules about it.)

As a student from China, I have never known anything about football, but I would say that I really enjoy the game yesterday afternoon.  I went out yesterday morning, wearing the red “OSU” T-shirt. (Do you see the picture below?  We all wore red, it’s our school color!).  You wouldn’t believe how many people there were walking in the street towards the stadium for the game if you hadn’t been here.

It was great to be there and watch the game.  I got excited and hopped up and down when OSU got a touchdown. “O-H-I-O”,  I shouted again and again together with people sitting around me, got involved with the cheering crowd, and enjoyed every joyful moment during the game.

If you have never been to an OSU football game, I highly recommend you go to at least one.  You don’t even need to understand anything about football: just be there, enjoy it, and gain an unforgettable experience in your life~~

Hi~~You have a call from the (614) area code

Hi, everyone.  Greetings from Shumin here at OSU in Columbus, Ohio.  Sorry for the delay of saying “hello” to everybody.  I just got my blogger account set up late this week, and I should say that it was pretty exciting to see my “head shot” photo shown on the website together with other bloggers.

I just went through a busy week.  It really surprised me that we’ve already had a lot of assignments coming due in our second week of school term.  Maybe this is one huge difference between schools with semesters and schools using quarters.  If you are from a school using semesters like I was, it will probably shock you that when you look at the class schedule and find out that fall mid-term exams are only four weeks from now.

Maybe I can share something more interesting with you next time – maybe about my first time watching a football game in person if  I am lucky enough to get a ticket to go to next Saturday’s game ^^)