My First Half Marathon!

Columbus in October is a pretty exciting time. Not only are the leaves changing color and the holidays near, it is a time where over 18,000 people gather together to run at least 13.1 miles before lunch. The Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon just completed its 12th annual run; however, for me, this would be my start.

So, you might ask, why in the world did I want to spend my morning running 13.1 miles around downtown Columbus and through different suburbs (click here for the course 

map)? Well, to be brief, essentially my mom. My mom, about three years ago, decided to pick up running as her new form of exercise and I thought she was crazy. She was not a runner in high school or college, but at the old age of 25 (she may or may not be lying about this) she decided it was time to change her exercise ways and find a new outlet. So, slowly, she would increase her walking to running as her goal was to complete a half marathon by the following year. Well, not only did she complete her first half marathon in less than a year, she then went on and signed herself up for another one, and another one, and another one after that.

My mom is what led me to pick up running myself, as it is a fantastic form of exercise and I know I can get a fantastic workout from it. I cannot tell you what great motivation my mom was in initially starting, as I could barely go over two miles without feeling like I was going to die. It takes time, but I now cannot fathom going even a couple days without this routine in my life. My mom then wondered why I wouldn’t sign myself up for a half marathon (as she completed about 6 already) and I told her there’s no way I could run that much.

Well, finally, after two years of running consistently, my mom forced me to run this half marathon with her and a couple of my siblings. Looking back, I cannot thank her enough as seeing that finish line was such an exhilarating experience for me. I am now signed up for another half in May and hopefully my family will run it with me. Oh, and the best part? I beat my brother (whose doesn’t train) by a couple minutes.

Could not have done this without my family!

Acing That Interview

Let’s be real. Part of the reason for going to graduate school is to land that dream job you always aspired to achieve. As I see all my peers around me in suits it reminds me of when I was in their shoes just a year ago today. I cannot say enough how much Fisher College of Business has prepared me for my future career in Chicago. Maybe I’m biased, but numerous outside sources have ranked Fisher’s Career Services as leaders in the country. Ever since I joined the business school at the end of my freshman year, Fisher has encouraged me tremendously to partake in the job search early and has prepared me as best as possible. I will never forget the QUIC (Qualified Undergraduate Interview Candidate) Program, a module-based seminar followed by a mock-interview, required by all in order to interview with future employers. Graduate students can elect to go through a similar mock-interview process in order to help them in their job search. Graduate students even have their own go-to person to assist them with their job search, and he holds walk-in hours at least once a week for any questions. As I have already been through the process twice, I have a little advice to newbies going through our program:

  • Take advantage of career services (cannot stress this enough!)

There are so many resources at your fingertips, just need to do a little digging on the website or schedule a meeting with a Career Services counselor!

  • Make a list

Before you even start the year, make a list of five characteristics you would like of your dream or ideal job (hours, location, responsibilities, team, salary, benefits, perks, really cool office, travel, etc.). What traits are you look for in it? Rank your preferences in order from MUST HAVE IN THE JOB to eh not a deal breaker and that should help you focus.

  • Go into the year with a plan

Make sure you know a little bit about your interests before starting the year. I am not saying you should know exactly what you would like to be doing but definitely have areas in mind (Do I like technical accounting? Do I want to travel? Do I want to work for a big company or small? What about hours? Location, location, location…).

  • Be open-minded and listen

I know everyone is concerned with nailing the “big interview with the big firm”, but culture-wise you may fit in at a smaller firm working in a completely different department than you ever imagined. Also, make sure you pay extra attention to the job description to know exactly what your responsibilities will be. As many of you are looking for full-time jobs, internships (what I like to call trial runs) aren’t likely to occur. Doing your research, listening to the interviewer, and not being afraid to ask meaningful questions, will allow you to have the best job prospects.

  • Use your peers!

Some students will have prior internships and can give you very helpful advice when going through the initial job search. Job fairs can be overwhelming so it is good to go in with a mindset of where you could (potentially) see yourself after graduate school. Talking to fellow students who had similar responsibilities will help narrow down all the prospective employers on your list so you can focus on what you really want!

Although overwhelming, the job search is such an exciting and unique time for you! Fisher is giving you the opportunity to build and extend your network and take advantage of every moment of it. It puts a smile on my face to know that so many of peers will be either working with me or at neighboring firms next year!



Freshmen Together!

OH-IO under the lights in Disney World!

I come from a large family, I am actually the eldest of five, and started the tradition of attending THE Ohio State University. This year is a special year for me as not only am I starting graduate school but my brother is following in my footsteps as he starts his first year in his undergraduate studies.

Having my brother here has been such an eye-opening experience for me. It makes me nostalgic of my freshman year, but also thrills me that I can live vicariously through him as he progresses through the year. It’s an exciting time for both of us. He is gradually adjusting to life as a college student as I attempt to juggle graduate-level classes, work, and also having a social life (don’t worry, it is definitely feasible!). Deep down, I like to think my brother fully appreciates the advice I give him and not just having me on campus for my chauffeur abilities. I also like to believe I’ll be getting a nice plaque/award/poster for all my help; yet I’ll settle for him asking me to a catch-up dinner instead. It’s neat to think that we are both starting a new chapter in our lives and that we are both able to go through it together. Most importantly, good news for my parents, they have only one stop to visit on Parents’ Weekend!

MAcc Does Ohio Stadium

It was a week of firsts. The first days of orientation, the first time meeting my future classmates, and the first time actually stepping foot on the field of Ohio Stadium. Although this will be my fourth year here at Ohio State, I have never actually been on the field before and it was such a neat experience.

Actually on the field of Ohio Stadium for the first time!

The entire current MAcc class and faculty, as well as many accounting professionals were invited to attend the MAcc reception at the Ohio Stadium the day before classes began. Not only did we enjoy food and beverages in a massive press box, we also partook in an official tour of the stadium! The tour opened with our friendly tour guide taking us to a radio press box as he gave details of just how much security goes into the production for a home football game. Some of you, including me, had no idea the production that goes into making sure our game days are as safe as possible (including FBI agents, trained dogs, snipers, and airport-like security). These people are trained to make sure on game day, all you have to worry about is which tailgate to attend! After the press box, we took the elevator down to the field and it was such an exhilarating experience being on the field. I am shocked that in all of my time here at Ohio State, I’ve never had the opportunity to be on the field and I think my peers from other schools had such a similar feeling! A great start to the year!

Fellow MAcc students on the field with me!