Best Place in Town, Pt. II

Last week, I wrote a blog about eating at one of the best places in town – Tai’s Asian Bistro.  As for this week’s blog entry, I wasn’t really planning on blogging about “another” best place in town to eat, but I couldn’t pass it up.  I felt the need to get the word out about this great dining place in Columbus, OH.

On any given Monday, if you find yourself craving pizza between the hours of 5pm – 11pm, then it’s time for you to hit up Classic’s Pizza & Sports Bar at Tuttle Mall Crossing.  Classic’s has your typical sports bar feel, complete with all the flat screen sports-watching you can handle.  If you aren’t into watching sports, you can still enjoy some billiards or casual conversation with some friends.  At times the music can be a bit loud (and annoying), but if you read on, the food is definitely worth it.

Now, let’s get to the good part:  the pizza.  One of my favorite foods of all time happens to be pizza.  And, like anyone, we have all had our fair share of “good and bad” pizza.  At least I know I have.  Classic’s pizza comes in four different ordering sizes:  7-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch and 14-inch.  You can’t go wrong with “Classics Pizza”, which is any one-topping plus cheese.  There are several specialty pizzas too, including supreme, Hawaiian, major meat, veggie, chicken veggie, barbecue chicken and dimo’s margarita.  I have tried all, but the chicken veggie and barbecue chicken.  Personally, I don’t think you can go wrong with any kind.  The pizza is ALWAYS served HOT and within 15 minutes of ordering.  The crust is just right – not too thick and not too thin and the toppings are more than generous.  Take a look at the 14-inch pepperoni pizza I ordered last Monday night (see below) – every square inch of the pizza is covered with pepperonis.  Classic’s definitely doesn’t skimp when it comes to toppings.  Classic’s pizza is comparable to Donato’s, except that I think it tastes better, is fresher and (if you go on Monday Nights) is WAY cheaper!

All in all, Classic’s is a great place to check out if you want to get outside of the OSU campus area and try to some great pizza.  The good thing about Monday nights from 5pm-11pm is this:  PIZZA is HALF-OFF.  So you cannot go wrong with ordering a 14-inch pizza because it will only cost you $6.00.  And I don’t think any college student would argue with that price.  Plus, as you can see below, my 2nd favorite food is cold leftover pizza.  It certainly complements my reading assignments from MHR 854 Economics.

Go Bucks!

Best Place in Town

I have always had a penchant for trying to find the best places to dine out.  For me, there is nothing like going to my favorite restaurant, bar, diner, cafe’ or sidewalk shack to get some amazingly delicious and succulent food.  I would almost consider dining out as a personal hobby of mine.  It’s really no big secret, I like food and food likes me.

This past week, after an early dismissal from class, a few of my fellow MLHR classmates and I decided to hit up one of those “best places” in town.  Now, I have only lived in Columbus for about a year and a half so I cannot say with much confidence that I know all the eatery “hot spots”.  But thank goodness I was introduced to this place – much kudos to fellow MLHR blogger, Shawn H.

So, what’s the name of this restaurant, you ask?  The name:  Tai’s Asian Bistro.  The game:  eating THE best Vietnamese/Thai food you have ever tasted in your life.

If you plan on dining at Tai’s, be prepared to bring your appetite with and leave with a doggy bag full of food.  The portions are more than enough for two people.  Whatever dish you choose to eat, it’s always served hot and fresh!  I must admit, I am a creature of habit and I usually stick to what I like (and won’t disappoint) so I haven’t tried any other dish than the fan favorite, ‘Tai’s Asian Chicken’.  It is a dish served with your choice of friend or steamed rice as well as deep-fried breaded chicken covered in a savory spicy sauce that’s accompanied by green peppers, onions, carrots and jalapenos (see picture at end of blog).  And if that doesn’t sound good enough, remember to show your BuckID at the counter and you will get a free soda!

All in all, if you are looking for an excuse to ditch your packed lunch or just need a break to catch up with some friends while enjoying some great food, Tai’s Asian Bistro is a great place to check out.  As you can see, MLHR 2012 students Shawn, David, Sultan and Sarah love it 🙂

Winter Quarter Recap

Now that finals are OVER, it’s time to recap and discuss some highlights of Winter Quarter 2011.

First of all, I really enjoyed my classes during winter quarter.  One of my favorite classes was MHR 846 Talent Management.  I learned a lot about the various talent management practices that are employed within organizations, including onboarding, succession planning, recruiting, performance management and developing employee’s strengths.  Additionally, we were given the opportunity to conduct a talent management assessment on a company/business of our choice.  By far, this was my favorite group project because it allowed our group to assess an entire function in relation to the organization.  Most of my projects to date have focused on either designing or developing a process, so this was a nice change of pace.  Next, I got a lot of worthwhile information from MHR 807 Organizational Change.  My most positive takeaways from this class was learning about having integrity and honoring your word, displaying personal accountability in change management efforts and finding out that, generally, people consistently act inconsistent.  This class certainly was challenging.  But I’m always up for a good challenge and, as a result, I definitely had a lot of positive takeaways.  Lastly, in MHR 852 HR II, I learned about two major themes that every HR professional needs to know:  Competencies and HR Scorecards.  As always, all I can say to this class is this:  I had F-U-N.

During this winter quarter I finally got to experience my first SNOW day!  I can tell you, there is nothing like getting a free day off from class due to inclement weather.  Even though this day off might have taken away from some of my learning, I’m not going to complain.  And neither would any other undergraduate and graduate student.  I hope that we get one AGAIN next winter quarter.

As always, I had a good time attending my share of round-tables and guest speakers that are posted on The Hub.  I am not going to lie, if I have a “foreknowledge” that Adriatico’s pizza will be served, you can be sure you will see my name on the sign-up list.  It’s by far the best pizza in Columbus, OH.

Lastly, even though I don’t have any “official” spring break trip planned, I am going to try to make the most of my 10 days off.  I definitely have a long list of “to-do” items to get done.  It’s amazing how many things you can get behind on when you are in the middle of taking classes.

All in all, I hope everyone had a great winter quarter and I am looking forward to spring quarter as well as heading off to my summer internship!

It’s time for satellite radio!

I’ve never been a HUGE radio listener.  And I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I’ve faithfully tuned to a radio station.  For me, the only times I really get into the radio is when I am hunting all day long and need a steady dose of country music or, for some ridiculous reason, I happen to be up at or around 7am to see if I can catch some random Donny Baker rant on “The Bob & Tom Show”.  When it comes to radio, my biggest gripe was always too much advertisement and not enough music.

Every now and again, some salesperson from Sirius will inconveniently call me and try to hustle me into a renewal subscription.  So after much “negotiation” (which resulted in getting a smokin’ deal),  I agreed to renew my Sirius Satellite radio subscription in my car.  Up until I started the MLHR program, I didn’t spend a whole of time in my car commuting.  But now, I’m in my car at least 30-35 minutes three times per week at a minimum.  Needless to say, I feel this is more of a “school-related” purchase than anything to me.

With all that being said, I’ve decided to share some of my favorite Sirius satellite below for your reading.

My favorite channels (in numerical order):

1.)  80’s on Ch. 8.  If you are an 80’s wild child that wore HyperColor & bleached jeans and  lived and breathed Metallica, then this station is for you.  Just yesterday, I heard Styx, a ton of Def Leopard and Warrant.

2.)  90’s on Ch. 9.  Dr. Dre.  Snoop Dogg.  BizMarkie.  Skee-lo.  Tupac.  Notorious B.I.G.  Boyz II Men.  If you like those artists, then you will find them on this station.  I grew up in this era…and this is my kind of music.  This station is like taking a trip down memory lane.

3.)  The Pulse – Ch. 12.  This is a Top 40 Hits station.

4.) Coffee House – Ch. 30.  This is one of my favorite stations.  It has live acoustic & original recording from well-known as well as up-and-coming artists looking for their big break.  My only quip with this is that the station started playing The Beatles.  And I don’t like The Beatles.  They already have a station on Sirius dedicated to BEATLES only.

5.)  Electric Area – Ch.38.  Techno-beats.  If you need some rage music (FYI, Garren Cabral, fellow MLHR blogger), then this is the station for you.  24/7 Techno, Trance and Dance beats.

6.)  Seriously Sinatra – Ch. 75.  Such a great station.  Frank Sinatra is amazing.  And I love this kind of music because it mellows me out and keeps me in a lighthearted mood.

These are just 5 of about 150+ commercial free stations.  I didn’t even mention the 40+ news, comedy, sports, weather and traffic stations that I enjoy.  I think the station I am looking forward to most (and I haven’t checked to see if it LIVE yet) is the all “Charlie Sheen” station.  Because from what I’ve gathered from Charlie Sheen this week, I’m all about “bi-winning” and I’m sure there will be something meaningful being broadcasted.

2011 Arnold Sports Festival

On a wet and rainy Friday in Columbus, it’s difficult to find something to do other than watch re-runs of CSI and Law & Order: SVU on television.  So instead of camping out in front of the TV, my roommate and I decided to hit up the Arnolds Sports Festival at the convention center in Downtown Columbus.

The Arnold Fitness Expo is the nation’s largest health and fitness exposition.  It annually showcases the latest in sports equipment, apparel and nutrition as well as the latest trends in the health and wellness industry.  The EXPO stage hosts the Arnold Strongman Classic and the prejudging for the Ms. International, Fitness International and Figure International Competition.  It also held the Arnold Armwrestling competition which was very entertaining to watch.

I was really amazed to see how many people attended this weekend event.  At times, it was difficult to navigate to each booth because of large masses of people who were crowding around certain boothes.  The most interesting booth was MuscleTech.  It reminded me of the old school MTV Spring Break in Cancun episodes – that is, model-esque women with microphones pumping up the small crowd of college-aged men  and throwing out t-shirts and sports nutrition samples.

I defintely had a great time seeing the latest in sports science and nutrition.  I even managed to see Arnold Schwartzenegger HIMSELF, along with Olympic Gold Medal Winner and WWE wrestling personality, Kurt Engle and MMA superstar Randy Couture.  My only regret is that I missed out on seeing Baltimore Ravens Linebacker, Ray Lewis.  I’m a big NFL fan so that would’ve been very cool to get my picture with him.  I guess there is always next year.

With all things considered, the Arnold Sports Festival is a great annual event to attend if you are passionate about sports, nutrition, bodybuilding and even are into swimsuit contests.

My Study Time Wasters

I’ve found out there are lots of ways to spend your time in graduate school.  It’s possible you could be devoting your time to studying for exams, quizzes and group projects.  Right now, you may be spending your time preparing your body for a tropical spring break trip.  You could even spend some time working at a job or hanging out with friends.  Yet, what I’ve discovered as a graduate student is that I spend a lot of my time on ‘things’ that waste my time, especially when it comes to studying.

So instead of wistfully writing about how one can improve their study habits by eliminating procrastination or using planning and organization skills, I decided to list my all-time TOP 5 study time wasters.

1.  House Hunters International.  The Office.  CSI: Miami. When it comes to TV, these are my top shows.  And when it comes time for me to study, there always seems to be someone who is buying a $1.3 million family vacation home in the Bahamas on House Hunters International.  Who would pass up watching that?  Answer:  not me.

2.  Napping. I’ve come to a stage in my life where I need “at least” a one hour nap per day.  And if I have to chose between studying and napping, I’ll always chose napping.

3. I decided to see how fast I could accumulate a million in “fake” poker chips.  Well, it took me about 3 weeks to accumulate $750,000, but I lost half my stack on a big hand.  Needless to say, it took me a couple more weeks to make up that difference PLUS what I needed reach my goal.  From time to time, I’ll play for fun.  But playing that can sure burn the time.

4.  Playing Guitar. Ah, music.  I lot it.  But sometimes I don’t love the fact that I will play the guitar for 2-3 hours in a row.  I’ve definitely moved past the ‘guilt’ stage and have accepted the fact that I will always play no matter the circumstances.  Out of every time waster on my list, THIS ONE gets me every time.  All I can say is that at least my 6-string doesn’t feel neglected.


5.  The Daily Commuter. I have this bad habit of solving ‘The Daily Commuter’ crossword puzzle Monday – Saturday.  I got hooked on this about 3-4 years ago and I have never been able to stop since.  I like that fact that it warms up my brain and keeps me sharp.  Sometimes it takes me 20 minutes to solve and sometimes it takes about an hour+ to solve.  It depends on who wrote the crossword puzzle for that particular week.  It’s nerdy, but I like it.

I thought about listing “doing nothing” as a time waster, but I just wasn’t sure if that counts.  I know the character, Peter Gibbons, from the movie, Office Space, coined that phrase.  But if there was a 6th time waster, it would be sitting around and doing absolutely nothing except the basic essentials of living.

All in all, I am sure we all have our “pet” time waster.  Whatever they are, I am sure they are all well reasoned and well just justified.

How to Make the Most of your On-Campus Spring Break

Last week, I was solely focused on anything that was mid-term exam & project-oriented.  My tiny brain was inundated with meeting deadlines; reading…reading and…RE-reading Harvard Business Review case studies; agonizing over how to piece together several 2-15 page, 12-pt, Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1-inch margin explanation and recommendation papers; and, the COUP DE GRACE, cooking up ways to describe amazing broad topics such as competencies and balance scorecards.

Now that mid-term week is officially over for me, its time to focus on Spring Break.  Yes, I do realize that I’m not “out of the woods” yet. And yes, I still have final exam week to command and conquer.  But whats the harm in dreaming for a blog or two about how great, wonderful, amazing and awesome a well-deserved 9-10 day break from classes, papers and people will be.

For me, I really don’t have anything significant (e.g. trip) planned.  Mostly, I just wanted to get myself thinking about how I make the most of my spring break…even if I’m only in Columbus.

1.  Take a Break. Sounds crazy, huh?  Well, its true.  Everyone of us needs to detox our brains & bodies from “trying to do it all”.  Take a day, do A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y nothing and feel good about it.  There is no sense in feeling guilty about having to “do something” when there is nothing to do.  For me, its a 9:53am wake-up and a date with some Cap’n Crunch and CSI Miami re-runs all day.  Horacio…such a bad man.

2.  Think Outside the Bar. This might cause some graduate students to blow a gasket.  Its fair to admit:  there are “other” forms of entertainment and socializing other than ritual ‘mug night’ at the local hole-in-the-wall.  Punxsutwaney Phil said spring is coming early this early.  I believe him and so should you.  Go for a bike ride or take on the hiking trails at Alum Creek.  Maybe hit up a new part of town and see what else Columbus has to offer.  It might be worth your while.

3.  Tie Up Loose Ends. Now that you’ve done “nothing” for a whole day, its time to be semi-productive.  Try to tie up all those loose ends  you know you have been putting off for quite some time.  Schedule that drug test for your internship (um, that’s me), clean out your car or play catch-up on your DVR.  You’ll  feel better when you do.


4.  Me time. Embrace the solitude of just having a week off.  Everything and everyone has been pulling at you for the last 12 weeks.  The demands of grad school have taken their toll on your body and its time to recharge your batteries.  The best thing I’ve found to get my swagger back (other than use Old Spice Swagger body wash) is to spend some good ol’ time with three people I know best:  me, myself and I.

Go Bucks!

Tips for Surviving Midterm Exam Week

If you are like most graduate students, you dread midterm exam week.  Personally, I cannot think of one person I know who actually likes taking exams or gets really excited about studying for long periods of time.  I can usually handle the “spaced” out exams where I have one exam per week.  The real challenge comes when you are forced to have to study for 2-3 exams in the same week and it almost turns into a game of Russian Roulette deciding which exam you are going to study for.

However, despite all the horror stories that are in circulation, it is possible to survive midterm exam week and move on with your life. Here is a list of things to consider as your exam week approaches as well as things to do during your exam week:

1.  PREPARATION.  What is that, you ask?  Simple.  Start sooner rather than later, my fellow graduate students.  Trust me, I am the KING of procrastination.  But when it comes to exams, I don’t mess around.

2.  Find some study buddies.  This is always helpful especially when the material is hard to comprehend or difficult to understand.  People like helping other people.  You would be amazed what can be accomplished when you stick 3-4 heads together.

3.  TAKE BREAKS.  Get out from underneath your study rock and get some fresh air.  Hit the gym for an hour…go for a walk…watch an episode of House Hunters International (or three).  The point here is to just go do something “other” than studying.  Trust me, your brain needs a break.  My break during midterm exam week:  writing my blog.

4.  SLEEP.  I’ve made this mistake before.  And so have you.  Everyone has done it at least once.  It’s called the “all-nighter”.  This can be completely counterproductive to your study efforts.  Try as much as possible to keep your normal sleep routine.  Sacrificing 4 more hours of study time just isn’t worth it in the long run.


5.  REWARD YOURSELF.  You earned it.  Go treat yourself to some ice cream.  Maybe you’ll finally take a trip to your favorite restaurant with some friends.  It doesn’t matter “what” you do.  What matters is that your DO SOMETHING.  Get in the habit of rewarding yourself for a job well done.

Good luck!

Best Combination Since Saturday and Sunday

A couple of months ago I was watching TV and I came across a commercial that I thought was quite ingenious.  It was for Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.  The commercial was insinuating that chocolate and peanut butter was the best combination since Saturday and Sunday.  I would definitely have to agree.  Well, at least with the Saturday and Sunday part.

Up until about 3:45pm EST on Tuesday, February 1, 2011, I thought that the Saturday and Sunday combo would be untouchable.  But after today, I’m going to have to say that I found a new combination that I like almost (if not more than) as much as Saturday and Sunday.

Here is a list of other great combinations:

1.  Batman and Robin – great combo of super heroes.

2.  Saturday and Sunday – enough said.  DUH.

3.  Peanut Butter and Jelly – greatest combo on two slices of bread…ever.  This one never lets me down, especially when I’m hungry.

4.  Beavis and Butthead – greatest combo of fictional characters…ever.  Too bad MTV let that one die out.

5.  Surf and Turf – gotta be one of my favorite combo foods.  Joey’s Seafood always did it right.

6.  Garren C. (fellow MLHR blogger) and any class at OSU – class can be boring.  But class would be double boring without Garren.  Thank you G$lyce.

7.  Brad Pitt and Jen Aniston –  This was a good combination that is no longer a combination.  Stupid, Brad.  Angelina has nothing on Jen.  Just sayin’.

8.  Milk and Cookies (e.g. Oreos) – I could eat my weight in Oreos and milk.

9.  John Mayer and a Guitar – Thank you for some great music, John.

and…my new favorite combination

10.  Bad Weather and OSU canceling my class on Tuesday night – simply awesome!!

So as I sit in my apartment with NO CLASS and bad weather, I’ll have to admit, I’m liking it.


Ted Williams – worthy of a 3rd chance?

I am sure that everyone is well aware of the local overnight internet sensation, Ted Williams.  Less than 3 weeks ago, he was begging for dollar bills at the intersection of Hudson and I-71 in Columbus, OH; less than 3 weeks ago, he lived in a make-shift tent behind a rundown gas station; and less than 3 weeks ago, no one – and I mean, NO ONE – knew who he was or cared, for that matter.

Now, if you aren’t familiar with the story, here is the long and the short of it:  a local beat reporter for the Columbus Dispatch interviewed Ted and his “golden voice” and posted it online.  Within 3 days, Ted was fielding offers from people all across the country for TV and radio voice-over work.  Needless to say, Ted received a 2nd chance of a lifetime.

Now, as I was reading the news online today, I came across this ‘update’ article on Ted and I posed the following question to myself:

Is Ted Williams worthy and deserving  of a 3rd chance?

There are a lot of arguments floating around that support Ted and do not support Ted.  For me, I decided that I am for Ted getting the help that he needed in order to honor this 2nd chance he received 3 weeks ago.  I have read a lot of dialogue from the “against Ted” camp, and as much as I try to find any “redeeming arguments” that were made, I couldn’t.  There wasn’t any part of me that could totally write-off Ted forever.  Do I feel he’ll get 2nd and 3rd chances from the same people?  More than likely not.  Yet I hope Ted will continue to get the chances, albeit 10-20, to get his life turned around.

In the end, we all can learn something or have some sentimental takeaways from the life of our local celebrity, Ted Williams.  I feel we all could use a 2nd chance in some area of our lives.  Whether its repairing a broken relationship from 3-4 year ago that went sour to maybe fulfilling a promise to yourself to learn how to paint.  Whatever it may be, it’s worth doing even if you have some skeletons in your closet like our local celebrity.  Just ask Ted.