Columbus on a Budget

One of the coolest things offered by Ohio State to all students here (including MAcc) is its D-tix service. This service provides discounted tickets to different events. Some of these events include baseball (both MLB and Triple A), soccer, concerts, and even NFL tickets.  A great example of this is the USA vs. Mexico World Cup Qualifier. Tickets for the match, which I attempted to purchase, were a minimum of $50 but D-tix was selling the same ticket for $25. Unlike most tickets, these tickets were lottery based, not first come first serve. Sadly, for me, I was unsuccessful both in the originally lottery for US Soccer as well as the D-tix lottery.

One tip: be aware of the line for the bigger shows. They are long and you need to get there early!

USA vs Mexico D-tix Line. Photo Credit: Ritika Shah

In addition, to the tickets, D-tix also offered discounted tickets to many of the tourist sites around Columbus as well as $25 dollar gift cards for $10 to some of the best restaurants in Columbus. You are only able to purchase 2 per semester but these are just some of the small ways you can enjoy Columbus without killing your wallet!

Why I chose Fisher

When I was initially applying to Master in Accounting programs, the Fisher College of Business was actually not at the top of my list. However, my attitude quickly shifted when I came to visit a friend at Ohio State last Fall. Since Fisher’s accounting program was highly ranked, I decided to visit the school since I was already in town.  Visiting the school changed my mind in an instant!

When I got to Gerlach Hall, Steve (a previous MAcc blogger) met up with me and provided valuable insights from a student’s perspective. During my tour, I got to talk to Professor Tzachi Zach who was friendly enough to stop and chat for a while. I also met Professor Ayra who is the head of the MAcc program and Robert Chabot who is Director of Admissions. Professor Ayra, was honest and direct about the program, stating that the program would not prepare you for the CPA and that it was more about taking courses the student believed would make them better. Robert shared his personal stories from the past and additional stories about students similar to me. He also was helpful in trying to provide contact information for previous students that had a similar background as myself.

The open culture and friendly feel of Fisher impressed me so much that it went from not being considered to being my top choice in accounting schools. I ended up choosing to attend Fisher because of my visit, the sincere and caring faculty, and because of the flexibility the program gives in allowing me to take both accounting and MBA courses.

My first visit to Fisher.