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Bonding Time

Here is a photo of some of my classmates and I at the FisherServes volleyball tournament. We all contributed $5 to play in the tournament and it went to the charity of the winning team’s choice. It was a very fun and carefree event. There was music, pizza, and lots of laughter. I highly recommend getting involved with FisherServes. It is a community service based organization here at Fisher College of Business that connects all of the Fisher students and helps to strengthen our surrounding community. In the Spring there is the Fisher 5K and multiple events throughout the year, be sure to check out the website if you are interested.

Getting involved in organizations such as FisherServes is a great way to connect with classmates and to help strengthened friendships. It gives you a chance to bond outside of the classroom. Also, it never hurts to get involved because it is a great way to help build your resume as well. Being involved in many activities and working in teams is an awesome way to gain experience. As an MHRM student you will be working a lot in team environments so by actively participating in organizations such as this you are strengthening your skill set and having fun doesn’t sound too shabby! My advice get involved and have fun doing it :)


Give yourself a break…

There will be times in graduate school where you will feel overwhelmed and helpless. You will wonder how do I survive this?! This past week has been one of those weeks for me. I wondered how can I juggle all of this and maintain my sanity? But you can and you will. This past week I experienced my first Career Fair, which was overwhelming to say the least. But all you have to do is pick and choose the companies that interest you. You approach their booth with confidence and questions. You hand them your resume and thank them for their time. Then you happily walk away. It is really not as scary as I made it out to be. My interview was the same, I was nervous and apprehensive, terrified of making a mistake. But at the end of the day you prepare to the best of your ability. You do background research on the company and get to know yourself. Know your resume and be able to explain your accomplishments. In the end it is all about exuding confidence and being okay with making mistakes, because they are inevitable.

The same goes for your exams, you will sometimes enter exams and draw blanks, other times you know the material like the back of your hand. Prepare to the best of your ability, meet with your peers, and ask your professors for help. I highly recommend in graduate school reading the material and taking good notes. But at the end of the day you prioritize and make time for yourself. There will be a lot of reading and a lot of preparation for interviews, exams, and class. After you get your work done, hang out with friends and enjoy your time here. Rekindle old friendships and be sure to make new connections with classmates here at Fisher. They will be your support system and your shoulder to lean on when times get tough. If you need help or guidance ask the 2nd year students here at Fisher for advice, or ask your classmates who have prior experience. A final note, be present and take things one step at a time. Then afterwards relish in your accomplishments, even if that is just getting through your first interview or exam…

The Beginning…

The lovely Ohio Stadium, or the Horseshoe, as we Buckeyes call it, represents life here at Ohio State University. It is a place where we all congregate, no matter what year or major. Life here at Ohio State isn’t just about school, there is so much more here to discover. There are literally thousands upon thousands of students surrounding you that want to share in similar experiences. There are organizations, clubs, and social events at our fingertips. Click here for a link to the student organizations that are available at Fisher – be sure to check these out.  There are so many opportunities here to allow you to flourish as a young professional. With all this being said I know it is scary. It is never easy to leave home, to start new and to challenge yourself. But that is what school is about.

If I could give one piece of advice today it is to take risks. Starting my Masters of Human Resource Management program was a big step for me. I took two years off after I graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology to step back and explore potential career paths. I would sit for hours researching companies, fields, and employment opportunities. But at the end of the day I knew I wanted to go back to school. I chose the MHRM program here at Ohio State because it is ranked as one of the top 10 programs in the United States. Another major appeal to the program is the staff – they are tremendous. Your professors have worked at top-notch companies and they have real life experiences to share to you. They will offer to help you with resumes, cover letters, and will help guide you. It is not just about sitting in a classroom and listening to a professor lecture, this program engages and challenges you every step of the way. Like I stated before, graduate school is about taking risks and let me tell you it will all be worth it in the end. 





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