I’ve Realized I am an EX- EX-Athlete

Wow, we are SO sore this morning. Yesterday, Jen and I, along with about a dozen other First Year MBAs, decided to blow off some “first week back” steam by unnaturally defying gravity at Sky Zone, a large trampoline park north of campus. I realized it’s been a long time since I played sports regularly!

Had a blast hanging out with fellow classmates. That’s one of the greatest things about the small program here at Fisher…there are only about 120 of us in the full time first year class, so you really get a chance to get to know everyone. Now that we’ve been together for a quarter, we have no qualms about hurling small objects at each other, as you can see here in a great video taken in a December trip to the place, edited by our very own Scott Bear!

Ah well, it was a good way to expend our energy after our Leadership & Professional Development event on Business Resilience and it’s a good warm up for the Fisher Winter Games next Friday!


A Visit from an All-Powerful Oz

On Wednesday, October 5, General Electric Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt was on campus for the “Leading from the Middle” National Middle Market Summit and took the time to speak with Fisher students. Just as a little added bonus, GE Capital Chairman and CEO Michael Neal also came along. Wow. Not bad for a Wednesday afternoon. That means that we’ve had Jamie Dimon and Jeffrey Immelt visit us for talks in the last year or so.

In keeping with the Fisher tradition, Mr. Immelt did not want to meet in an auditorium or huge lecture hall. He wanted the intimacy of a classroom. This meant that about 100 of us were able to sit in a room with two men that actually help shape the world we live in. While it was daunting to sit there and listen to them speak it was also inspiring. Mr. Immelt spoke for about 5 minutes (maybe 10) and then opened the floor for questions as he didn’t come to Fisher to give a lecture. He actually was interested in hearing our concerns and our questions.

I’ve often wondered “Why?” when I look at someone in Mr. Immelt’s position. By that I mean why is this person still working? Jeffrey Immelt can do anything he wants. He is one of the masters of the universe. Yet he still will wake up tomorrow and go to work. I wonder why that is. Why doesn’t he retire and do whatever he wants? Why keep this up any longer? I think I may have an answer to the question now.

The point that came across the clearest from Mr. Immelt’s talk is that he likes what he does. He enjoys running GE and having the ability to bring its resources to bear on some of the world’s biggest problems. He believes GE can actually make the world a better place. Just because he is beholden to GE’s shareholders, it doesn’t mean that the company cannot also “do good” for the planet. By using its size and resources, GE can attack some of the most pressing concerns that the U.S. and the world are facing, such as health care and alternative energy. I came away from the talk thinking that Mr. Immelt genuinely believes these things.

All in all, it was a great time. To be able to listen to how Mr. Immelt views his and GE’s roles was an amazing opportunity. It was even better since there were not 500 of us crammed into an auditorium. One more “plus” from the intimate program we have here at Fisher.

Unexpected movie theater “find” in Cbus

This is our first post so we are not going to jump right into the whole how things are going in class so far post just yet. There will be plenty of time for that over the course of this year. We’re easing into that. Right now we are just enjoying being together in the same city again.

Instead, we want to write a brief post about a pretty cool movie theater we went to on Friday night. It’s called “The Movie Tavern at Mill Run” and it has two GREAT features that make it the place we will go see movies while here in Columbus. The first is that it serves food and – wait for it – BEER, to you at your seats. It is one of those wonderful places that took out every other row of seating and put in bench tables to eat on. Can’t beat food and beer while watching movies on an honest-to-goodness movie screen.

The second reason this place is a must go is that on Thursdays and Tuesday of the following week they play great older movies. This past Thursday and tomorrow (Tues – 10/4/11) they are playing The Big Lebowski and this Thursday and next Tuesday is The Princess Bride. Two classics back in the theater and they bring you beer. Seriously? We are officially hooked and will return. Here’s a link to the retro-nights: http://movietavern.com/retro-millrun/

It’s these little things that make moving to a new place fun …