Scheduling for Spring Classes

One of the really nice things about the Fisher MAcc Program is the flexible curriculum.  The flexible curriculum allows students to take other graduate classes outside of accounting. This means you can take MBA classes, HR classes, even law classes! In the Fall, you are required to take 4 core classes. Those are the only courses that are required in the entire program. The rest is up to you and you must take at least 3 credit hours outside of accounting. That makes scheduling for the spring incredibly exciting! There are many popular classes outside of accounting that MAcc students take. Some of the most popular ones are Negotiations, Leadership Effectiveness Through Applied Projects and Team Coaching, Crucial Conversations, and Financial Modeling. One important thing to note, is that if you want to take any finance electives you must take Finance I and II in the Fall. 

However, if you are a non-accounting undergrad student like me, then you might want to consider taking most of the accounting classes that are offered.  I will be sitting for the CPA in Georgia and Georgia requires 30 credits above the introductory level. I came into the program with only 3 credits that would qualify towards this 30, which means I have to take mostly accounting classes. I have scheduled for accounting classes that range from Tax II to Data Mining for Business Intelligence. I am also signed up for my three credit hours outside of accounting. The first non-accounting course I will be taking is Data Tools which meets once a week for the entire semester for 1.5 credits. The second non-accounting courses I will be taking is Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Development.  I am very excited for this class as I think it may help prepare me for my role as an Associate in the Deal Advisory and Strategy Division at KPMG after I graduate. This class will meet from 10am-6pm on three Saturdays only. 

The flexible curriculum is an awesome benefit of the Fisher MAcc Program. It allows students to take what they are interested in or need to take, and to get the most out of their experience!

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