Creating My Own Path(way)!

Personalized Pathways

My second year as an MBA student has been amazing.  This is the year where I finally, for the most part, have been able to personalize my course schedule.  Having the chance to design my own schedule and make my own path has been the best.  Coming into the program, I knew I wanted to focus on Marketing and Organizational Behavior, but there wasn’t a specific pathway that I could follow to get me down that track.  That’s when I found out that I could make my own path--so that’s exactly what I did!

The Value of a Cohort

The fall semester was all been about taking classes that will help build my leadership and marketing skills.  Advanced Leadership not only gave me the opportunity to understand how I want to show up as a leader, but it gave me a chance to understand how my classmates want to show up as leaders also.  This class further proved that, as MBA students, we are here not only to learn from our professors, but we are also here to learn from each other!  I believe that Fisher does an amazing job of bringing in the right people at the right time to form an amazing cohort of individuals.  Advanced Leadership is a must-take elective.  I would suggest you begin to create your own pathway early on in the program.

Experiential Opportunities Abound

My second year has also given me the opportunity to continue my journey regarding experiential learning. Recently, I had the opportunity to work with a winery in Geneva, OH through the program.  This winery was looking to understand ways that they could increase revenue generation and capacity during COVID-19 and beyond. My team was able to provide them with solutions based on what we learned from the winery. This experience gave me the opportunity to apply my leadership skills and the experiences that I had developed in case competitions, Business Lab, and GAP.  My second year has also allowed me to capitalize on my experiences as a first-year and get to know my classmates on a deeper level because of the electives that I have chosen to take. It has made me realize even more why I chose Fisher to begin with.