Columbus Coffee Adventures!

The fall semester was surely not like any I (or many others) have had before. Between zoom lectures and meetings and the majority of my homework requiring my computer, I knew I would be spending a lot of time looking at a screen. I made it a priority to get some time away from my screen and explore the Columbus community. There are not many places we can safely go, so I had to get creative... Rest and taking a break from work is so important to maintaining healthy work-life balance. Even if it is just a walk around the block, closing down the computer 30 minutes before bed to read a book, or meeting a friend for a chat at a park, finding time to rest is crucial for both successful academic performance and mental health. After considering how I could incorporate some fun breaks into my schedule, I figured I would combine two of my favorite things --coffee and the Columbus community!

One of my core classes, Management and Control, has 8:30AM lectures on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. At the beginning of the session, I decided to make Fridays my day to implement this practice, so every week I opted to get up a bit earlier on Friday to grab a coffee from a local coffee shop before class. This treat is something I looked forward to each week. It gave me the chance to get out of my house, start the morning with something fun, and engage with local Columbus businesses. As an avid coffee lover, I have some great recommendations for you the next time you are here in the city. My top 3 from the fall semester, considering coffee quality, shop environment, and price are as follows:

  • Third Way Cafe: My all time favorite! I may be a bit biased (my roommate is a lovely barista there...), but I truly believe Third Way has the highest quality coffee for the price. With friendly baristas, a newly renovated work environment, free parking, and delicious coffee, I highly recommend checking this place out. Another bonus -- Third Way was started by a recent OSU grad and the store has a wonderful social mission focused on bringing people in the community together to discuss different areas of social challenges.
  • Stauf's Coffee: One thing I love about Stauf's is the fact that they have a few locations throughout Columbus as well as their own roasted coffee beans to make your own coffee at home! As a college student, I am a big fan of saving a few bucks and making coffee at home most days. I recommend picking up a coffee at Stauf's in German Village and taking a stroll around the old streets and adorable homes. You won't regret it.
  • Roaming Goat: This was a new one for me. I have lived in Columbus for my entire childhood, and somehow I still have not been to all of the coffee shops. I really enjoyed my first time at Roaming Goat. They do not currently have indoor seating due to COVID restrictions, but I loved the iced latte I chose and the staff were incredibly friendly. Will be returning!

Columbus Coffee

Creating some consistent "fun" in my weekly routine was crucial to me in the fall semester. Little things like Friday coffee runs are checkpoints I look forward to, providing not only the chance to step away and recharge but also the chance to get to know the community more. I am looking forward to continuing my coffee exploration in the coming this Spring semester!  Maybe I'll even get to complete the Columbus coffee trail -- if you love coffee, this is a great guide to the shops listed above and many other cafes around Columbus!  


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