"But...is it easy?"

Seriously, look at how cute he is in his fall fleece. Shameless plug again: @livinglikebernie

First off, sorry for the delay in writing this blog post, the life of a part-time graduate student with a full-time job is not an easy one. Work had been picking up right when midterms were rolling in, leaving me with very little free time. I barely even got to spend time with Bernie (@livinglikbernie), much less sit down to write a blog post.

With how busy I’ve been, it actually got me to start thinking about a question I get a lot from those interested in the MHRM program and graduate school in general. As somebody who loves admissions work and meeting new people, I’ve met a lot of prospective graduate students, from visit days to friends of friends at parties. Regardless of how I meet them, most ask me the same question: “but…how easy is graduate school?”

They’ll then ask me about my background, if I was “good” at my undergraduate studies, how much GRE score matters, and if you actually have to read to be successful in graduate school. My answers are normally yes, depends, and yes…duh.

Captain America says "Remember kids, make sure to read for class...and also don't let Thanos get all of the Infinity Crystals."

Now, I’m the first to admit that I work really hard on my academics, and I believe in the concept of an educational contract, where if I expect the professor to come to class prepared and organized, the same should be expected of me as a student. Are there people who don’t read everything? Obviously. Do I think they can be just as successful as somebody who does read everything? Of course, but their success isn’t as guaranteed as those who do read and prepare.

I offer the above context about me, because I believe that my answer to the “is it easy” question can come off a little harsh without it. Simply put, I believe that if you’re looking for easy, then graduate school isn’t for you. It’s graduate school—it shouldn’t be easy. It should be challenging. It should be difficult. It should make you think and grow and push yourself to a level that you didn’t think was possible. The easy choice is never going to be attending and completing a graduate program, regardless of the subject you choose to learn.

"When Alex tells me I can't find an easy way to get a Master's degree."

My intention isn’t to discourage anyone from getting a master’s degree, my hope would be that this inspires you and makes you want to rise to the challenge. The MHRM program requires a lot of work, just as any other graduate program in Fisher or around the world will as well. You should want that level of work, to achieve something that so few others have (about 8% of US citizens have Master's degrees) and to feel like accomplished something truly great.

So as I head to class, my second of three this week, I’ll answer the question I get asked all of the time "Is graduate school easy?"

The MHRM program is a lot of things. It’s difficult, it takes a lot of work, it has lots of reading, writing, and arithmetic (I’m kidding about the math, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to say that). It’s also incredibly rewarding, energizing, inspiring, and you’ll leave with a sense of accomplishment that is like no other.

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