A Little About Tatenda

If you are reading this because you are interested in the Specialized Master of Finance (SMF) here at Fisher College of Business, because you are in the process of applying, or have already been admitted to a program at Fisher, I want you to know that I can totally relate to you because I have been there as well. I remember the hours I spent researching questions like, is Fisher the right place for me? What kind of experiences would I get at Fisher compared to other schools? Is the curriculum sufficient to prepare me for a career in finance? What is life at a big campus like?

My name is Tatenda Ushendibaba and I am the other SMF Student Ambassador. I say other because you will probably read posts from my colleague, Ferny. Over the next nine months, I will use this platform to provide answers to those questions and others that might cross your mind. The power of this platform lies in its ability to give you a taste of what life as a graduate student at Fisher is like. So I encourage you to read the My Fisher Grad Life blog posts as frequently as you can.

A little about myself

My story begins in Zimbabwe where I was born and raised. I did my primary and secondary education there before moving to West Virginia to complete my Bachelor of Science in Accounting at Fairmont State University. In this photo is my buddy Simba. The picture was taken in 2013 after the last basketball game we played together for our high school. The young fella on the left is me—you will notice I haven't changed much in appearance.

Fairmont State University

I was a very engaged student during my time at Fairmont State University. I was a member of Chi Alpha Cristian Campus Ministry, a resident assistant in the college residence hall, and I regularly participated in intramural competitions. Although the SMF is a one-year program, I hope I will be able to participate in a lot of events and activities, as this will help enhance my time here at OSU.

Resident Assistant desk duty fall 2015

Indoor Soccer Champions spring 2016

One of my greatest undergraduate achievements- Outstanding Accounting Senior of 2018.

My Hobbies

I LOVE TO EAT, but sometimes my bank account speaks louder than my belly. Most people who know me well will tell you I am not a picky eater at all. I'm open to different types of foods, recipes, and cooking methods. Since Columbus is such a culturally diverse city, I am looking forward to exploring the restaurants and exotic eating places around the city. We'll see how that goes.

Time to eat is no time for games.

I really love to stay active by playing sports, hiking, walking, cycling or anything that can get me moving. I enjoy watching sports as well, my favorites being basketball, soccer and rugby; but I am always open to learning about sports that I am not familiar with. Finally, I love to explore new places and sightsee. One of the best places that I've visited is Cape Town, South Africa. I fell in love with the gorgeous beaches and the magnificent Table Mountain. Cape Town, you have a special place in my Heart.

As I go through the SMF program over the next two semesters, I will be sure to share my adventures with you so that you can get an idea about life at Fisher and Columbus. My biggest goal is help you realize that time spent at Fisher is time well spent.

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