Why Ohio?

Hey there! I’m Ariel and I am a first-year student in the full-time MBA program (FTMBA, as we like to call it). At 24, I am one of the youngest in my program, and I’m also the only person from New York. In an attempt to explain the roundabout way in which life led me to the wonderful Fisher College of Business, I’ll summarize my journey in my top 3 FAQs:

1. Why did you decide to get an MBA?

After graduating with a BA in English from Cornell University in May 2015, I had virtually no idea what I wanted to do with my life. With little knowledge of the career paths I could take, I enrolled in the Columbia Publishing Course to explore a career in book publishing. From there, I landed a job as a marketing assistant at Henry Holt, a small publisher that’s part of Macmillan Publishers. I loved marketing, but I realized that book publishing wasn’t really for me. I ultimately decided to get an MBA to learn more about marketing before embarking on a new career journey– and here I am!

Me at Cornell graduation. I wasn’t too thrilled about it 😉

2. What do you want to do after you graduate from Fisher?

Good question! Honestly, I feel like the world will be my oyster with all the doors Fisher has already opened for me. Right now, I’m concentrating in marketing and sports management (a brand new major this year) in the hopes of eventually ending up in the equestrian industry. In terms of summer internships, I’m looking at roles in both marketing and brand management across a variety of industries. Because I have less work experience than most of my peers (average work experience in an MBA program tends to be 4-5 years and I have less than 2), it’s important for me to get a good company on my resume to really propel my career forward. Luckily, the Office of Career Management has been really helpful in developing my career plan and suggesting target companies for me to consider.

Me with Annie, a horse I used to ride. If I could ride horses all day every day, I would.

3. How did you end up in Ohio?

New York is pretty great, don’t get me wrong. My friends and family thought I was crazy for wanting to leave. But frankly, New York is also exhausting. After four years upstate in Ithaca, adjusting to life in New York City wasn’t easy. Eventually I got tired of the stress and expense of living in such a large, active, pricey city, and I knew it was time to go. I’m also really close with my family and felt I wouldn’t have the motivation to be truly independent if I didn’t step out of my comfort zone. When I applied to business school, more than half of my list was made up of schools outside of New York. When I began my search more than a year ago, I just so happened to visit one of my best friends from undergrad who is now a graduate student at Ohio State. I fell in love with both Columbus and OSU, and the rest is history. I’d also like to give a shout-out to Fisher’s incredible admissions team for being so supportive throughout the process. One month into classes, I can definitely say that Fisher is the right fit. I also love living in Ohio…so much so that I may never leave!

Gerlach Hall, home of all Fisher graduate programs

Well, I better get back to studying for my three midterms this week (no one ever said school was easy!). I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures with all of you!