From OSU to tOSU

Hello World,

Blogging is a new experience for me and I thought that I would kick off this journey (both through the SMF program and learning how to blog) by introducing myself to anyone who will be following along over the next nine months.

My name is Nicholas Denker and I am a student in the SMF program at Ohio State also serving as an ambassador for the program.  In May, I graduated from Oklahoma State University with degrees in finance and accounting.

Me and Brutus on my visit to Ohio State

I am an Oklahoma native and in just a few days’ time, I will have lived in Ohio for all of one month.  While this might sound like the beginning of a bad movie, I grew up on a small family farm in Northwest Oklahoma.  The population of the largest town I had lived in before moving to Columbus was around 50,000 people.  Living in Columbus has been a big change, but so far I have loved everything about living in a “big city.”

Coming from Oklahoma to Ohio State might not sound like the most intuitive decision, but it ended up being a very easy one for me.  Grad school was something that I had thought about for a long time throughout my undergraduate studies, but I really made the decision to pursue a Master of Finance at the beginning of my senior year.  I was initially attracted to Fisher for its impressive ranking, but my visit to the awesome campus here is what sealed the deal.  All the people I interacted with were very welcoming– and taking a tour in the shadow of “the Shoe” was pretty awe-inspiring.

In typical millennial fashion, my main interests are sports, food, and music (I’m a walking stereotype, I know), and as I get the chance to explore my new city, you can expect blog posts on all of those topics and much more over the coming months.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds and I will keep you all informed every step of the way!