“Swallow the Fire Hose”

When your professor walks in on the first day of class…

Brace yourself.

The floodgates will open. The levees will break. You will be hit full force with the unstoppable torrent of knowledge that is the first week of class at Fisher.

Look, I love it here at OSU. It’s a beautiful cocoon that enwraps you and spits you out two years later as a beautiful Buckeye. But it is not for the faint of heart. This ain’t undergrad anymore, baby! You’re going to be thrown headfirst into the water and you’re going to have to learn to swim whether you’re ready or not.

I’ll be honest with you; by the end of my first week, I started to feel like it might all be too much for me. By the time I walked into my first class on my first day of school, I was ALREADY behind on school work. By the end of my first day, I had five chapters and four articles I had to read. By the end of the first week, I was starting to panic.

And this was just the first week. I hadn’t been introduced to the student organizations. I hadn’t even started working my assistantship. How could this much work possibly be done by a single person?

When I was asked why I turned in a copy of my fourth-grade diary instead of my paper.

You know what, though? Another week has gone by and I’m still here. And you will be, too.

It’s not easy here. It’s not even close to easy. But you’re a businessperson. You don’t like easy. You’re not giving up a job, time with your family, two whole years of your life for easy. You’re doing it because you will learn. You will learn how to lead. You will learn how to succeed. You’ll even learn how to learn.

You’ll turn that deluge into your refuge.

Author: Auggie Heschmeyer

Auggie Heschmeyer. Fisher esquire. School town crier. No liar. I aspire To answer if you may inquire. Try me out for that grad school blog fire.