Taking the GRE/GMAT


Most graduate programs require some form of standardized test as part of their application process. Fisher’s MHRM program allows applicants to complete either the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). Most MHRM students complete the GRE, however, I would encourage people to investigate each exam and select the one that is more aligned with their strengths.

Make sure to schedule for the exam well in advance because there are times where you may have to wait a few weeks before getting an appointment. Once you have scheduled your appointment, I would recommend giving yourself 4-6 weeks of preparation time to study and review. There are a lot of great resources available, so I would highly recommend visiting your local or school library, bookstore(s), and the test website. Each of these offer different tools that can help prepare for the exam, whether it’s a prep book, flash cards, or practice exams.

I would also recommend looking at the class profile of the program of interest to gauge what is considered a competitive score. If you choose to take the exam more than once, the highest score will be taken into consideration and should be the score recorded on your application.

No matter what though, be confident in your abilities. Also, be mindful that applications are reviewed holistically, so I would recommend ensuring you put forth the time and effort to write essays that showcase who you are, your strengths and abilities, and why you are interested in Fisher. Furthermore, choose references that will be able to speak about you, personally, and your ability to excel in graduate school.

I do not consider myself a strong standardized test taker. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, all one can ask from themselves is to do their best. Prepare, relax, and be confident!