Experiential Marketing: Hearing An Insider’s Perspective

A class session with Fisher Marketing Professor Shashi Matta is always interesting—you never know what might happen.   This has never been more evident than during yesterday’s Advertising Strategy and Management class; about half-way through our discussion, a guest came to the door.  Professor Matta wrapped up his thought, and then introduced our guest speaker for the day, straight from the airport—Mark Anderson, Chief Experiential Officer at an agency in Los Angeles called Omelet LA.  While he was talking to us about his company and some of the types of work they do, the Fisher Technical Team was setting up a video conference display in the front of the room, and our speaker was joined via teleconference by Molly, who directs the experiential marketing and advertising work on the Windows Phone 8 for Microsoft.  They walked us through the insight, strategy, and specific tactics that they employed when launching the Windows phone last year, specifically their experiential marketing initiative.

As a marketing student looking ahead to a career in brand management, it is always inspiring and educational to see what innovative companies do to reach consumers in powerful, tangible, effective ways.  The way the Windows Phone 8 team looked at consumer contact, social media, and earned media as foundational elements of their integrated marketing mix was extremely interesting.  They talked us through the hard choices they had to make when weighing the ROI of an experiential, innovative campaign against other traditional communication vehicles—these discussions aligned powerfully with the discussions we’ve been having in class about IMC strategy and communication objectives.  It’s always cool to see course material come to life, and we definitely had the opportunity to do that yesterday.