Non-Accounting Background, Not a Problem-It’s all about Diversity

To start off, I want to back track a little and introduce myself. I was so excited to tell you all about the sites in the area in my first few posts, that I left out this little detail. My name is Sabah, and I received by undergraduate degree right here at Fisher with specializations in Finance, Risk Management and Insurance. So I must admit, I was slightly nervous coming into a Master of Accounting program having taken only a few basic accounting classes. But as time has passed, I have realized that I may have to work a little harder, but the material is very interesting, the professors are incredibly helpful, and the student body is very welcoming and friendly, so it hasn’t felt like I am missing much. In fact, chatting with the Director of MAcc Admissions and Recruiting, Rob Chabot, I learned that the Fisher College of Business prides itself on having a diverse MAcc class.

But you don’t just have to take my word for it. Here is some input from a few of my fellow classmates:

Yanchao Ma

Undergraduate Major: French, International Economics and Trade

First few weeks in the MAcc program: I definitely felt a little intimidated at the beginning of the MAcc program, worrying that I may not have as much accounting experience or knowledge as other students. But as time goes by and I become more familiar with the material, I become more confident of myself. I have also learned a lot from my classmates.

Yanchao’s Advice: My advice is to take advantage of every opportunity to learn, not only from professors but also from fellow classmates and to maintain a positive mindset.

Tyler Turner

Undergraduate Major: Bachelor of Arts in Music

First few weeks in the MAcc program: The first few weeks have been very busy and having career fairs and interviews not even a month after the start of classes has been more than a little overwhelming. But the experience so far has been great; the classes are interesting and the professors are wonderful. A couple professors told me that coming from a non-accounting background wouldn’t be much of an issue, and as skeptical as I was, it turns out they were right. The Pre-MAcc program* (accounting boot camp), as awful as it seemed at the time, was great preparation for the MAcc program.

*A fellow blogger, Victoria, wrote a great post a few weeks ago on the Pre-MAcc program. Read it here!*

Tyler’s Advice: The best advice I can give to students with similar situations is to use the resources that are available. And the best of those resources are the people. Get to know your professors, faculty and fellow classmates. Everybody involved with the MAcc program and Fisher want you to succeed and all of them are ready to help you in any way possible.

Mayuran Chandrakanthan

Undergraduate Major: Biology with a certificate in Entrepreneurship

First few weeks in the MAcc program: My first few weeks in the MAcc program have been extremely busy. I have had to spend some extra time learning the material because my background in accounting isn’t at the same level as some other people. I have enjoyed my first few weeks but I still think I think about accounting differently than many students. Many students accounting comes naturally but for me, I sometimes forget I’m an accounting student and try to solve problems using a different approach. Overall though, I feel as though my hard work will payoff in the long run.

Mayuran’s Advice: As long as you put your mind into being able to accomplish something you will be successful. Make a lot of friends, ask questions and get involved. If you want to be successful you will be successful.

Hope this information eases a few minds!

A big thank you to these MAcc students for taking the time to share their insights! Until next time, O-H…I-O!