Catch fun in Buckeye Village

Do you know Buckeye Village? Have you ever been there before?  It is an off-campus family housing at Ohio State University. It is a quiet and safe community designed for students who have been married or have children. If you do not have time to take care of your children, don’t worry, there is a child care center close to Buckeye Village. If you do not have a car, you can take a bus to campus and back home. If you want to kill your time, there are playgrounds and basketball court for families to relax. There is also a recreation center where family members can have fun and hang out inside during high-temperature periods. This is just a brief introduction of Buckeye Village, you can refer to school website for more details, and here is the link:

I always do my grocery shopping at the University Shopping Center, distance walking from Buckeye Village.  One day, when I walked to the Buckeye Village bus stop with spoils of my grocery shopping, I caught some interesting scenes:

That’s right! Gooses lined up to cross the street together. It may seem normal to local residents, but it is new and interesting to me. They will not stop even when cars are approaching. They acted like foot passengers and said in silent: ” we are pedestrian, and we have the priority to cross the street”, ” you should wait and be patient” or ” do not disturb us,  we are on our way to attend an important ceremony”. I can think of many interesting dialogues to describe their communication between each other. They marched very slowly, but pretty organized. The first goose is like a General, leading his or her soldiers to join another army. They are ready for a fight to earn great living space at Buckeye Village.

There are many interesting things around campus area, waiting for you to find it out. I believe you will love Columbus and enjoy the life here as I do.