Summer in Gerlach Hall: The PreMAcc Seminar

As a current MAcc student at Fisher, who did not major in accounting as an undergraduate, I chose to complete some of my prerequisite courses through the Pre-MAcc Seminar. This program, which is administered by the Fisher College of Business Office of Executive Education, allows students to fulfill the Intermediate Accounting I & II prerequisite requirements the summer before beginning the MAcc program. This seminar lasts approximately 2.5 weeks and provides students, particularly those who hold Bachelor’s degrees in disciplines other than accounting, with some of the additional foundational knowledge that they need to be sufficiently prepared for the MAcc program. This past summer, the Pre-MAcc Seminar went from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm for approximately 13 days.

During the program, our instructors, Marc Smith and Stephanie Lewis, would introduce new material through lectures and practice problems and would then give students the opportunity to try additional problems on their own in order to gauge their comprehension of the material. Given the small class size of about 18 students, the seminar lent itself to significant interaction between the students and instructors as well as small-group discussions. Not only was I able to better prepare myself for the Autumn semester in the MAcc Program by completing this seminar but I was also able to meet a variety of students from different educational backgrounds and many different countries. I feel that this seminar allowed me to transition more easily into the MAcc program since I didn’t major in accounting as an undergraduate.

Since I moved to Columbus about five weeks before the start of the Autumn term, I have had plenty of time to explore the city. It’s difficult to keep track of the many great restaurants and entertainment venues around Columbus, but a few that really stand out are Huntington Park (home of the Clippers), Due Amici and Rigsby’s Kitchen. Be sure to check back here for more on the MAcc program and life in Columbus!

Stephanie Lewis
Senior Lecturer, Accounting & MIS


Marc Smith
Senior Lecturer, Accounting & MIS