MAcc Does Ohio Stadium

It was a week of firsts. The first days of orientation, the first time meeting my future classmates, and the first time actually stepping foot on the field of Ohio Stadium. Although this will be my fourth year here at Ohio State, I have never actually been on the field before and it was such a neat experience.

Actually on the field of Ohio Stadium for the first time!

The entire current MAcc class and faculty, as well as many accounting professionals were invited to attend the MAcc reception at the Ohio Stadium the day before classes began. Not only did we enjoy food and beverages in a massive press box, we also partook in an official tour of the stadium! The tour opened with our friendly tour guide taking us to a radio press box as he gave details of just how much security goes into the production for a home football game. Some of you, including me, had no idea the production that goes into making sure our game days are as safe as possible (including FBI agents, trained dogs, snipers, and airport-like security). These people are trained to make sure on game day, all you have to worry about is which tailgate to attend! After the press box, we took the elevator down to the field and it was such an exhilarating experience being on the field. I am shocked that in all of my time here at Ohio State, I’ve never had the opportunity to be on the field and I think my peers from other schools had such a similar feeling! A great start to the year!

Fellow MAcc students on the field with me!