On to Spring 2!

It is that time again…the start of a new session after a quick seven weeks of the Spring semester has already flown by. I only have four more classes left to go before I officially earn my Master of Accounting degree! The end is so near that even commencement information has finally been released. Here is my schedule for Spring session 2:

1.) AMIS 7010: Ethics in Accounting and Business with Professor Esselstein

2.) AMIS 7250: Government and Non-Profit Accounting with Professor Mittendorf

3.) AMIS 7520: Misappropriation of Assets with Professor Turner

4.) BUS MHR 7230: High Performing Teams with Professor Dumas

I think that this schedule will be a perfect balance between accounting and other relevant topics in business that I will use in my future career at GBQ.

Another exciting piece of news is that the University commencement will be hosting President Obama as the guest speaker in front of 12,000+ graduating students! Regardless of any political views, it is an amazing opportunity to hear a president’s speech, especially one tailored to OSU! Check out this news article in the Washington Post announcing Ohio State’s spectacular graduation ceremony to come. Perhaps First Lady, Michelle Obama, will make an appearance on campus as well! Check out this video of Michelle Obama’s commencement speech to Virginia Tech graduates last year:

I can only imagine how President Obama’s speech will compare to the one above! Stay tuned for more commencement details and Spring session 2 updates!

President Obama at a previous rally held on OSU’s campus.


Thompson Library – A Nice Getaway

Occasionally when you’re having one of “those weeks” (the type when you have a seemingly endless amount of work assigned) you need to shake things up and get out of your usual study area. Fortunately, Fisher students have a good number of study locations to choose between. One that I have found to be a particularly nice getaway is Thompson Library (actually it’s William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library, but that’s a mouthful).

Thompson Library is a hop, skip, and a jump from the business campus and offers several nice perks. Personally, my favorite part of the library is the energetic atmosphere that accompanies the hustling and bustling undergraduates that populate much of the area. It adds an interesting dynamic to any evening spent with your nose buried in a risk management book or trading & markets case.

Thompson Library was recently renovated, re-opening its doors in 2009. The library is the largest gathering of volumes in The Ohio State University’s network of 55 libraries that lays claim to around 5.8 million volumes. It also offers over 230 computers for student use. Located on the West end of the famous “Oval” (the traditional center of Ohio State’s campus), the library is centrally-located and near several OSU landmarks, such as Mirror Lake and the RPAC.

This is only a brief introduction to one of the 30 largest libraries in the United States. My following post will shed light on some of the interesting details related to Thompson Library. Stay tuned!

MHRM Council officers elected for 2013-14

The MHRM program here at Fisher has a governing student organization called the MHRM Council. The council provides opportunities for students to interact socially with each other and the Columbus community, as well as business professionals both in the Columbus area and nationwide. The executive board also communicates with the Fisher faculty and staff regularly to ensure that our program is continually improving.

A few weeks ago we elected our new student officers for 2013-2014. A big congratulations is in order for these officers as they prepare to fill the shoes of the officers from this year! The 2012-2013 Council has made our first year in the MHRM program just a little bit easier and more exciting- which is exactly what they are here for!

MHRM Students Prior To An HR Social Event

Two of the biggest events the MHRM Council organizes are the Internal HR Case Competition – which you can read about here – and the HR Invitational Case Competition- which took place just a few weeks ago and includes teams from some of the top HR programs across the country. This year’s external case competition was co-sponsored by PepsiCo, Marathon Petroleum, and Eaton Corporation. Teams from Rutgers, Cornell, Minnesota, Illinois, and of course Ohio State worked all day Friday on a recruiting problem presented to them by PepsiCo, then presented their solutions to the judges Saturday morning. Congratulations to the students from Cornell who were selected as this year’s winning team.

This year’s MHRM Council also organized a mentoring program in coordination with the Human Resources Association of Central Ohio. Students were paired with a professional in the Columbus area to help them with making connections, mock-interviewing, job shadowing etc. My mentor work as a corporate recruiter for Northwoods, a software developer and service provider specifically for human services agencies. She helped me talk through my internship options when I had two offers on the table which was infinitely helpful in hearing an unbiased opinion for a professional in the HR field.

Along with these larger undertakings the Council has put on speaker events, community service days, and social events all of which have been great for getting to know our fellow classmates. In the Fall, the Council will be looking for its First Year Representative from the incoming class- if you are one of those students I highly recommend getting involved!


More than Academics

Through my semester and a half at Fisher, I am come to realize that this college offers so much more than academics! Our MBAs have a natural tendency to get involved in extracurricular activities- and I am happy to be a part of many student groups and orgs because of this. One area in particular that has surprised -and excited- me has definitely been our involvement athletics and intramurals.

I am a sports nut! While soccer was my first love, I find it hard to say no to anything related to sports – not only is it fun and healthy, but I feel it is one of the best ways to help balance out academics.

During the fall, nothing brings a new group of students together like OSU football. A few of my classmates took the lead on creating a seating section for games, and because of this, our first-year class was able to watch each football game as a group. It was a great way to become acclimated to the school and program, as well as meet some great friends.

Within time, an MBA Ambassador intramural flag football team was created. I proudly joined this team with co-ambassadors, and we had a blast. Most recently, I took part in our dodgeball tournament to support Honor Flight of Columbus. Sponsored by FisherServes, students in all of our MBA programs at Fisher formed teams of 6 to compete in a half-day tournament. I can proudly say that a donation goal of $500 was set, and we have hit 95% completion! Here is a picture of our killer team:

This week, a group of first-year MBA students is kicking off a co-ed indoor soccer season, and I am excited to be part of it. Hopefully I will have some good updates to come once our season gets started! 

If you are looking at Fisher as a potential school for your MBA- and you share our love for involvement- you are at the right place. With over 25 student organizations, there is no doubt that one will spark your interest.


Ohio State has nationally been recognized as a football school for quite some time, but the student body at OSU has proven this year that they can be passionate about Buckeye basketball as well.  Starting 3 or 4 days before every big Ohio State basketball game, tents can be found lined up along the outside walls of the basketball arena, the Schottenstein Center.  For students who have already purchased the season-ticket package (which sold out at the beginning of the year in 4 minutes), placement of individual seats are given out on a first-come, first-serve basis.  In other words, the earliest students to arrive at the arena are given the best seats in the student section at that specific game.  With the likes of Kansas, Michigan, Indiana, and Michigan State all playing highly anticipated games against the Buckeyes this year (all four opponents have been ranked in the Top 5), it has been a fairly common occurrence to see 15-30 tents alongside the arena in the days leading up to these games.  The lineup of tents along the arena has become known as “Mattaritavile,” a clever nickname that mixes the last name of OSU Men’s Basketball coach, Thad Matta, and Jimmy Buffet’s hit song, “Margarittaville.”

My brother is a sophomore at Ohio State and camped out at Mattaritaville for the Ohio State vs. Michigan basketball game in January.  He and his friends began camping out on Friday night, earning them front row tickets for the game on Sunday.  The Schottenstein Center was electric on that Sunday as Ohio State erupted for a huge early lead and held on for a 56-53 victory against #2 ranked Michigan.

Given the excitement of watching such a thrilling game from the front row, my brother urged me to join him as he and his friends camped out for the next big game.  The next highly anticipated game was against #1 ranked Indiana University in February, and my brother was able to convince me to join him in his tent beginning the Thursday before the Sunday showdown.  I may have had to get up for Professor Zach’s Professional Research in Accounting class at 8:30 AM the next morning, but that wasn’t stopping me from getting prime tickets to the big game.

Luckily, my brother did all the dirty work in setting up the tent.  On the rainy Thursday night, I spent the night in the cold (and eventually wet) tent and woke up just in time to walk over to Gerlach Hall for class.  While I was in class, my brother and his girlfriend even got to speak to a reporter about Mattaritaville and were on the news later that evening (see video here).  My brother and his friends manned the tent for all of Friday and Saturday, receiving free pizzas delivered by members of the basketball team, including Aaron Craft and Deshaun Thomas.  I stayed in the tent on Saturday night and on Sunday morning, Buckeye football assistant coach and former Super Bowl champion Mike Vrabel dropped off 50 boxes of a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts for all the students.

Tip off from our front row seats

When we were finally let into the arena two hours before the game, we were ecstatic to be rewarded with front row seats.  Unfortunately, the Buckeyes ran into a buzz saw as top-ranked IU played a great game, soundly beating the Buckeyes 81-68.  Although the Buckeyes lost, I am proud to say that I got to experience Mattaritaville and be a part of this growing tradition during my time as a student at Ohio State.

If you’re an Ohio State student, this is your source for discounted tickets

As an OSU/MHRM student, we have the ability to get tickets through d-tix, Ohio State’s discount ticket program. d-tix offers tickets to area shows, museums, concerts, sporting events, and more at an exclusive rate: Hocking Hills Zipline Tours, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Columbus Museum of Art, and COSI, just to name a few. Also, they have $25 restaurant giftcards available for only $10. I think it’s OSU’s best kept secret!

With finals coming up, we all needed a break from the daily grind of work and school. We decided to go to Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park. We bought our tickets from d-tix (only $5 for an hour session). It is only about 20 minutes from campus in Lewis Center. Sky Zone has you sign a waiver and wear their special trampoline safe tennis shoes to keep you, and the equipment, safe.  Sky Zone Columbus offers open jump, a Foam Zone, SkyRobics fitness classes and 3-D Dodgeball. In the future, we will know that half an hour is probably long enough for us to do everything we want to do. We were exhausted when we left!

d-tix makes some really cool opportunities affordable for students.  Last semester, we waited for 2 hours for Brad Paisley discounted tickets. We were seated just to the left of the stage and had a perfect view of Brad Paisley, The Band Perry and Scotty McCreery. Make sure to check out d-tix webpageto find out about upcoming events!

Amanda, me and Ashley at the Brad Paisley concert


Internships and International Students – You CAN do it!

This blog post is for the benefit of all of the international students, especially those who have one main concern  – the opportunities for internships and job placements for international students at Fisher in the U.S.  So, let me, hopefully, put the demons to rest and disprove some myths about the perceived difficulties.

First things first – everyone will get an internship and will get a full-time offer (at least that has been my experience here). Nothing to worry about that and no doubt about that. Now that everyone has let off a huge sigh of relief, I will definitely say that the internship search/job search is as much your responsibility as it is the school’s. That’s true of all world class educational institutitons, Fisher included.

Fisher will help you refine your resume; cut the unwanted fat off it and make it clean, crisp and clear. The reasoning behind this is honestly, the recruiters have only a couple of minutes to go through each resume; the shorter it is with just the right points, the better your chances of getting noticed in the crowd.  And the Career Management office at Fisher does nothing short of a brilliant job in that.  Kudos to them.

Next in line is building your networking skills. As an international student myself, I know how difficult it is for us to break out of that shell initially. Yes, mistakes will be made; you may embarrass yourself initially and then laugh it off. But then again, this is all a part of the journey towards excellence. Fisher throws at you plenty of opportunities to be able to network with real time industry professionals and plenty of recruiters to keep practicing your networking skills and developing the most important 30-second pitch. The career counselor; the professors; your peers; everyone will help you improve, practice and perfect your pitch and slowly you will see your confidence and networking ability improve. It is like accounting or finance; initially nothing will seem to make sense till you realize that it is all easy indeed.

Now that these two are out of the way, next is probably the most important thing. The right resume and good networking will enable you to get your foot through the door and get you time with the company and recruiters. But, the key to the next step is purely your ability to interview well. And that comes through a lot of practice; again, I have not seen or heard of any other career management office and counselors/professors/peers who take as personal of an interest in ensuring the students’ preparedness for interviews as they do at Fisher. You can always knock on their door anytime and practice. And that’s what will help you cross that finish line.

While it is indeed true that there are fewer sheer numbers of opportunities available for international as opposed to domestic students, the US market is on the upward swing  and Fisher is known for placement statistics which are ranked among the top 10 in all of the US. So you will get out of your internship/job search as much as you put in. If you are committed to it and refine your resume, connect with the career management counselors regularly, network well, establish your pitch to the recruiters and practice, there is nothing that will stop you from getting an internship or a job in the industry of your liking and a job you will be passionate about.

Get out of the Library, Head to Jesse Owens North

As long as I can remember I have been an active individual, whether it is competitive sports, running, or lifting. This quality made it essential for me to find a gym that I could look forward to several times a week, upon my arrival in Columbus. Ohio State offers all you could ask for in terms of recreational facilities with the RPAC, ARC, Jesse Owens South and Jesse Owens North (and those are just the ones I know). With that said, it was still important for me to find a gym that felt “right.”

After spending several weeks working out in the RPAC and ARC, I was more than content. The facilities far exceeded my expectations. Specifically, the state-of-the-art RPAC has something for everybody—seriously, everybody. However, during my first trip to the Jesse Owens North (JON) I knew it would be the gym that “stuck.”

The JON certainly doesn’t offer the amenities of the RPAC but it has a great deal of character. It has an “old-school” gym with a loyal following. For example, the place really heats up in the summer and early fall because it has no AC, creating a sweltering environment for gym-goers. Also the group of regulars at the JON is a good size that allows you to become familiar with one another. It is not uncommon to run into fellow SMF and Fisher students getting in a quick workout between classes or group meetings; Conveniently, the JON is located a mere 100 yards from Gerlach Hall.

Although there have been several stretches of time in which school hindered my ability to go to the gym, I have been thrilled with the opportunities The Ohio State University has afforded in terms of remaining active. After all, you can’t spend the entire year in the library reading about the CAPM and Black-Scholes models.

Anticipating March Madness …

OSU student basketball season tickets sold out this year in 6 minutes. I was one of the 2400 students waiting at their computers at 6:00 PM when tickets went on sale last semester to buy them.

This year Ohio State has been in the top 25 throughout the year and has played many other top 25 opponents on its home court at which I have gotten the privilege to attend. One of my favorite games thus far this season was the Ohio State vs Michigan game. I arrived about 3 and ½ hours before the game to get in line and lucked out with getting lower bowl seats. The rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan is like nothing I have seen before, the energy was incredible in the arena of 18,000 people. Ohio State went on to win the game 56-53. It was a thrilling game to watch as the teams battled back and forth at the end of the game.


Being from Louisville, I am a Cardinal basketball fan and with the Cards being ranked #1 in the country at the time I decided to road trip back home to catch a game. (Louisville is only ~3.5 hours away from Columbus.) A group of MAcc students and I went to Louisville for the weekend to watch the Syracuse vs Louisville basketball game since some MAcc students are Syracuse fans. One of the many fun things about the Fisher MAcc program is meeting people from all different backgrounds and finding common ground with them. Even though we were cheering for different teams, we had a great time at the game which went down to the last minute. (Syracuse winning unfortunately)

Road trip from Columbus to Louisville to see Louisville take on Syracuse