Internships and International Students – You CAN do it!

This blog post is for the benefit of all of the international students, especially those who have one main concern  – the opportunities for internships and job placements for international students at Fisher in the U.S.  So, let me, hopefully, put the demons to rest and disprove some myths about the perceived difficulties.

First things first – everyone will get an internship and will get a full-time offer (at least that has been my experience here). Nothing to worry about that and no doubt about that. Now that everyone has let off a huge sigh of relief, I will definitely say that the internship search/job search is as much your responsibility as it is the school’s. That’s true of all world class educational institutitons, Fisher included.

Fisher will help you refine your resume; cut the unwanted fat off it and make it clean, crisp and clear. The reasoning behind this is honestly, the recruiters have only a couple of minutes to go through each resume; the shorter it is with just the right points, the better your chances of getting noticed in the crowd.  And the Career Management office at Fisher does nothing short of a brilliant job in that.  Kudos to them.

Next in line is building your networking skills. As an international student myself, I know how difficult it is for us to break out of that shell initially. Yes, mistakes will be made; you may embarrass yourself initially and then laugh it off. But then again, this is all a part of the journey towards excellence. Fisher throws at you plenty of opportunities to be able to network with real time industry professionals and plenty of recruiters to keep practicing your networking skills and developing the most important 30-second pitch. The career counselor; the professors; your peers; everyone will help you improve, practice and perfect your pitch and slowly you will see your confidence and networking ability improve. It is like accounting or finance; initially nothing will seem to make sense till you realize that it is all easy indeed.

Now that these two are out of the way, next is probably the most important thing. The right resume and good networking will enable you to get your foot through the door and get you time with the company and recruiters. But, the key to the next step is purely your ability to interview well. And that comes through a lot of practice; again, I have not seen or heard of any other career management office and counselors/professors/peers who take as personal of an interest in ensuring the students’ preparedness for interviews as they do at Fisher. You can always knock on their door anytime and practice. And that’s what will help you cross that finish line.

While it is indeed true that there are fewer sheer numbers of opportunities available for international as opposed to domestic students, the US market is on the upward swing  and Fisher is known for placement statistics which are ranked among the top 10 in all of the US. So you will get out of your internship/job search as much as you put in. If you are committed to it and refine your resume, connect with the career management counselors regularly, network well, establish your pitch to the recruiters and practice, there is nothing that will stop you from getting an internship or a job in the industry of your liking and a job you will be passionate about.

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  1. That is a valuable post for international students. I hope to be admitted and look forward to a good time. fingers and toes crossed

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