Getting To Know Your Peers At Fisher

When I was looking into business schools, I had a list of specific attributes that my target school needed to possess. The size of the class and the number of students attending the program was high on that list. I wanted to be sure that I would be able to know my peers and my professors. I also wanted them to know me. At Fisher, that isn’t a problem. Let me tell you why:

Class Size

My class size is approximately 130 students in the full-time MBA program. This allows for the school to divide the students into four cohorts all consisting of roughly 30 students. During the first year, classes are assigned by cohort which enables students to have classes with every one of their peers, on multiple occasions.

Student Organizations

Fisher is full of student organizations that help students meet others that have similar interests and hobbies. The organizations can range from the marketing or finance club, to the golf or Fisher 5k club. Anyone that is interested in starting a student organization is given that opportunity. These clubs and organizations have enabled me to meet many other students and get to know them on a more personal basis.

Classroom Environment

The classroom environment at Fisher breeds participation and collaboration. Students are expected to participate and share their knowledge with the class. Professors frequently cold call their students to make sure they are prepared and to keep them on their toes. Attending class and hearing from my fellow students has been one of the best ways I have learned more about them. They share details of their past jobs and what management principles they were able to apply or learn during those years. Not only do I learn about business, but I learn more about my friends.

Social Opportunities

I wish I had enough time to write about all of the social opportunities that exist at Fisher. Every week our Social Chairs make everyone aware of “the event of the week.” This is usually an evening at a bar or a sporting event that allows students to relax outside of the classroom and have a good time. Aside from those events I know a number of students that play intramurals, go to the gym, attend concerts, try new restaurants, and many other activities together. The possibilities really are endless.

These are a few of the areas that have allowed me to meet many of my fellow classmates at Fisher. Because of Fisher, not only will I have learned a great deal from my classmates, I will leave knowing every one of them and viewing them all as my friends.