Winter Festivities: The 2013 Columbus Beer Festival

Winter in Columbus warrants many fun activities, one of them is the annual Columbus Winter Beer Festival! This event is exactly is the name portrays, a festival of beers in which participants get to experience tastings from over 60 breweries (both local, domestic, and imports), 300+ beers, and a 10,000 person capacity! The festival was held at the Columbus Convention Center, which I discovered is a humongous venue. I was lucky enough to attend this event along with some fellow MAcc students this past Saturday  and had a great time.

The festival ticket provided entry, a 5 oz. tasting cup, 25 tickets to sample the various beers at the brewery booths distributed around the convention center floor, and a map of the layout. In addition to tastings at each booth, there were concession stands, raffles, projections of the NFL football playoff games, and a “silent disco.” If you were wondering what a silent disco is, it basically consists of a typical dance area, but dancers are wearing headphones to listen to the DJ’s music, versus through speaker projection (a very odd concept). The event also offered a “designated driver” program, which offered non-alcohol drinkers a discounted ticket and food/beverage vouchers, a great way to promote alcohol safety

The 5 oz. tasting mug

As a person not so familiar with the science behind brewing, this was a great opportunity to try something different and experience the taste of IPAs versus Pale Ales and so on. Some of my favorite samples were from the Victory, Harpoon, and Ace Cider brewery booths. The Ace Cider booth had an excellent Pear Cider flavor, which was so refreshing! Columbus is a great city with quirky events such as this, an event full of young professionals, academics, and Columbus locals looking for a weekend activity. Stay tuned for updates on further Columbus adventures.

Some of the cider flavors offered at the brewery, Ace