What Winter?

Thus far the weather since returning to school has been fair to say the least.   However, for those non-Ohio natives, Columbus traditionally has sometimes-unpredictable weather patterns that not even local meteorologists understand (in my opinion).    For example, last weekend, temperatures hit 65 degrees in Columbus by mid Saturday afternoon.   People were dressing like it was the middle of May, forgetting that next week, things could easily drop 40-50 degrees.   But to this point, Columbus hasn’t seen much snow.   Most snow fall, occurred over break, when most of the SMF students were already away back at home, or as many foreign students did, traveled to other cities in the USA (mostly warmer, tropical places).

While winter has been fair to students thus far, we are in for a twist. Monday (MLK Day) and the day after, flurries are in the forecast.   Sure flurries are a normal part of winter weather, which accounts for an easy meteorologist pick to settle any indifference as to if precipitation will actually fall or not.  The part that is alarming however is the low temperatures in the next few days will be in the single digits.   With the wind that will be accompanying the colder weather will actually make the temperatures feel like below zero.    The winds traditionally in Columbus can be nasty, almost making that snow we haven’t had yet, seem better than arctic blasts of cold air.

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