Lunch with President Gordon Gee

This week at Fisher: lunch with President Gordon Gee! Meeting the president of any university is an exciting event, but Gordon Gee is not just any president.

President Gordon Gee

In 2009, he was named one of the top 10 university presidents in the United States by Time magazine, and for good reason: among other things, he is charismatic, charming and very passionate about higher education. Oh.. and he wears bow ties 🙂

He is a legend on The Ohio State University campus. During a class a few weeks ago, a professor asked the class how many people had met Gordon Gee: every student who attended OSU as an undergrad and many of the graduate students raised their hands. Many of them had met him at a party, as he is always walking around campus, and is known for stopping by at parties (as late as 3AM!). On Facebook, many of my fellow Buckeye’s have a “with Gordon Gee” picture, at various places around campus. He has a knack for connecting with the younger generation, and the passion he has for the university, and education in general, is inspiring.

The International Business Club sponsored the lunch, and Gordon Gee spoke to us about international experiences. He emphasized the importance of learning from those around us, and seeking opportunities at Fisher to study abroad through the many international programs available, as he stressed that true education happens as much outside the classroom as within. He also spoke about the importance of working on multi-cultural teams during our education, as many cultures of the world are already here at Fisher, via our wonderful international classmates!

Gordon Gee at Fisher (picture from Fisher’s Facebook page)

I never got a chance to take a picture with him after the speech, but given how ubiquitous he is on campus, I know I will get plenty of chances to run into him and get my own “with Gordon Gee” memory.