Classes and Majors

There are so many things going on in any typical week and it can be easy to get overwhelmed and lost in the details. The incredible faculty and staff at Fisher anticipate this, and make sure to keep us informed of what we need to know.

Recently, there was a host of Major information sessions during lunch, where faculty members introduced us to all the elective classes available at Fisher and how to organize them according to the major/minor we wanted to pursue. This was very helpful, since there are more than 100 electives offered through Fisher, and we can also choose to take any classes from OSU if they relate to the major/minor/track chosen.

In my case, I wanted to customize my major (one of the reasons I chose Fisher!), so I was mostly interested in the “Customize your Major” info session, but I attended several of the other sessions to learn more about the different classes in each major. I knew I wanted classes out of the Strategy and Marketing majors, and the sessions helped me narrow down which ones to keep in mind.

I’m now registered for Spring semester, and am currently working with the incredible MBA academic advisor here at Fisher (Jen Mercer) to map out the rest of my curriculum.

I also met with the Executive Director of Graduate Programs, Nancy Lahmers. She and Jen are providing their considerable expertise to help me align my customized MBA major with my future career goals.

The help and support from everyone in the Graduate Programs Office at Fisher is invaluable. I know that I can count on them for guidance and help, no matter what I need. And of course, if there is anything I am unsure about, I can always stop by to see the resident Fairy Godmother, Alisa McMahon!. This amazing lady in the Graduate Programs Office is loved by all, faculty, staff and students alike, and for good reason! She knows everything and everyone (or will get to know them/it, if you ask her for help), and she can Make Things Happen! Alisa once told me that Fisher was like a family, which is the perfect description of the environment here… and I love being part of the Fisher family!