Business Etiquette Dinner: “re-learning” how to eat

We recently had the opportunity to attend another great event made available to students at Fisher: a  business etiquette dinner at The Blackwell Inn,  a hotel and conference center on the Fisher campus.


The session was presented by Judith Briggs, a consultant for At Ease Inc., which specializes in domestic and international business etiquette programs.

Judith was informative and entertaining. She covered basic issues (like etiquette of napkin usage, passing the bread basket and so on), how to arrange utensils to indicate that you have completed your meal, how to handle awkward foods (olives with pits!) and the different styles of dining (American vs. European).

It was a nice evening with with my classmates (I even got to meet some great students from  the Working Professional MBA) and we had the added bonus of some delicious food, especially the chocolate mousse dessert.

 Knowing how to sit down for a meal and use proper business etiquette is an under-appreciated skill. I’m glad I was able to sharpen my skills before I start interviewing!