Columbus Favorites: Blue Ginger

One of the things about being a Fisher MBA student and living in Columbus is your food choices, especially if you like to dine out on occasion. If you like Asian Fusion, you will love Blue Ginger. It’s located on Sawmill road, so it’s about a 15 minute drive from campus, but it is definitely worth the drive (plus, Sawmill road has all the best places to shop, including one of my favorite places: Trader Joe’s).

Their appetizers are delicious! One of my favorites is the shrimp tempura, which has a lemongrass sauce that I have never been able to replicate (and not for lack of trying!).



Their selling point (for me, anyway!) is the shrimp pad thai… hands down, the best shrimp pad thai in town!


Would you like to see it from another delicious angle? Sure thing!


They also have some great sushi.. the Sawmill Road roll is famous around here, and for good reason!

I have out of town friends who request a trip to Blue Ginger just for the Sawmill Road roll.. and I am always happy to oblige!