E. Gordon Gee

Most university Presidents/Chancellors do not have many opportunities to interact with students. At my undergraduate institution I saw the Chancellor at our “Freshman Welcome” event and at graduation, and I certainly never got the opportunity to meet him personally.

That is most definitely not the case with Ohio State’s President Mr. E. Gordon Gee. President Gee makes a massive effort to interact with as many students as he possibly can. You never know where you may run in to him! Gordon Gee comes to most big campus events- like Buckeye-A-Thon or the recent “Rock The Oval” concert with O.A.R. He comes to football games, meetings for student organizations, classes, graduation parties/engagements, and even campus bars.

Meeting Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee

President Gee is definitely a campus celebrity. Recently, while out on a Saturday night after a football game I had the great pleasure of meeting him. Just as my friends and I were walking out of one of the campus bars we noticed our bow-tie wearing university President walking in. Of course, we quickly turned around to score a photo with him. He was barely able to walk two steps in to the bar before students were crowding around him. He politely posed for pictures with everyone who asked, and even tried to have a mini conversation with everyone.

My interaction consisted of a quick picture (see above), after which he asked me what year I was- I told him I am an MHRM grad student at Fisher. He then asked where I went to undergrad and when I told him UCLA and that I had just moved out from CA a couple months ago, he responded “Don’t you just love it here?” Yes I do, President Gee. Yes I do.