A Shoutout to Team 22

Throughout the first year of the full-time MBA program, each student is strategically placed on a team of five other first year students. Based on work experience, probable major, and general background, these teams are assigned based on the admissions teams’ experience and strategery… and it’s an ingenious idea!

The Method Behind the Madness

During our pre-term program here at Fisher, we received our team assignments. There was a lot riding on this- these four people you are grouped with will be in every core class with you for an entire year! And not just class… but they’ll be with you throughout a high ropes course, team projects, seating assignments, extracurriculars, and public speeches. But what I have come to find out is you’ll depend on your group for more than just school work when all is said and done- I know that in this short 8 weeks, I already have.

From a group, you gain the power of four additional minds. You can bounce your ideas off one another in low-pressure situations. You’re all sharing the same amount of stress, and can keep each other motivated and confident. I know that as I’ve juggled class work, internship search, and extracurriculars, it’s been so helpful to know that I’m not alone! Learning about my team members’ backgrounds and cultures has been an awesome experience- I know these four teammates have been and will continue to be an integral part of my experience here at Fisher.