New holiday on my calendar

As the semester marches onward, naturally the workload and project demand builds quickly.   However, the hard work (in my opinion) can’t be appreciated as much unless you build a bond with your classmates and find ways to deflate after a long week of work.

Caught ya singing off key 🙂
Mooncakes: Nothing offered at your local carryout

This past weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a party with my fellow SMF students to celebrate the Chinese holiday “Mid Autumn Festival”.  According to Wikipedia, the Mid Autumn Festival is a romantic holiday, of great importance in Chinese Culture.  Ohio State does a good job of integrating foreign students within the university, and this is no exception in the Fisher School of Business.   This “social” event had a bit of everything: authentic Chinese Food, such as moon cakes (nothing like – and better than! – Panda Express), karaoke, music and other extracurricular games.

The point is, I felt that its easy at times for students to quickly find a small niche within social groups, whether at school, work, etc., and one fails to truly appreciate the opportunity to learn new things (and even try new foods).   This festival celebration was the work of the SMF Student Council organizing the opportunity to get together and celebrate a holiday important to the Asian community.

In summary: It was fun.

Sing with all your heart