Family Time

In the midst of busy weeks with classes, seminars, exams, meetings, etc, it is essential to pencil in some time with your family – whether it be your true family by blood or your MAcc family!  I’m lucky to have my family so close to campus and was able to spend some time with my mom and sister in the Ohio Stadium (aka the ‘Shoe) last Friday.

My mom, sister and I hanging out on the Block O in the ‘Shoe!

We were invited to an event titled “My Buckeye Didn’t Fall Far From the Tree,” creatively named for Ohio State employees and their children who are attending Ohio State as students.  The event began with a reception in the Recruit Room of the stadium and concluded with a tour of the ‘Shoe.  The highlight of my evening (apart from quality family time, of course) was hanging out with Brutus, who can only be described as the greatest collegiate mascot of all time.  There aren’t a lot of people (or mascots, I suppose) who would receive a reaction that I gave Brutus on Friday, which included screaming his name and running across the field to a hug that can only be compared to a dramatic reuniting of long-lost loves in an airport (yes, I was that emotional).

I never miss an opportunity to hug my favorite mascot, Brutus Buckeye!

Not only did I get to spend time in the ‘Shoe, but I was also able to take a study break on Sunday to have dinner with my dad at the Whetstone Park of Roses.  The name of this park says it all!  The 13-acre plot has three large rose gardens, and even some herb and perennial gardens as well.  Although fall isn’t the best time to see roses blooming around Ohio, there are plenty of bike paths, soccer fields, and tennis courts for some fall sports and recreation.  I recommend taking the trip a few miles north of campus on High Street for an afternoon picnic or game of flag football, and venture back late in the spring to see some beautiful roses!

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