Marketing Executives Visit Fisher

I often find myself reflecting on a phrase that my father used to say to me – “surround yourself with all-stars.” His goal in teaching me this principle wasn’t to have me avoid those that I didn’t view as all-stars, but it was to help me learn from those with experience and passion for what they do.

I am proud to say that Fisher College of Business and the FTMBA program have fit that mold in every aspect. Attending Fisher has forced me to be surrounded by all-stars. The faculty, admissions staff, career service department, and students, are all solid all-stars that have pushed me to my limits. One group of all-stars that I have had the privilege to meet at Fisher has been the corporate executives that speak and interact with students.

Within four weeks of being at Fisher, I have had the chance to hear from the following:

Russ Klein – CMO Arby’s

Jim Lyski – CMO Scotts Miracle-Gro

Sharen Turney – CEO Victoria’s Secret

John Kennedy – VP Corporate Marketing IBM

All of these business executives were open to answering any questions presented. Not only did they give insights to their company’s strategy, but they also provided leadership advice. Each one of them spoke about where they came from and how they got to where they are today. I think I can speak for all in attendance when I say that we truly enjoyed and benefited from being around them. They are true all-stars.