Rachel and me

One of the greatest resources that we can utilize during our MAcc year is the mentorship program. It is a one-year program committed to helping MAcc students make a smooth transition to graduate school as well as building professional networks with MAcc alumni. This program will match you with a former MAcc student (e.g. alumnus) based on your career interests and past experiences. It also provides you an opportunity to get advice on all aspects of the program and life as a MAcc student, not just career coaching. The application for this program usually starts in early June, so make sure you check the announcement on admitted student gateway website weekly before the school begins because you won’t want to miss this great opportunity!

Fortunately, I applied to the mentorship program one day before the deadline and found my respected and beloved mentor – Rachel. When Samantha first introduced Rachel to me during the summer, excitement and nervousness filled my heart because I had no clue how to start a conversation with a mentor and what questions would be appropriate to ask. After I had a conversation with Samantha, I sent my first greeting email to Rachel, which included self-introduction and basic career-related questions, such as how to launch your career exploration and why you want to be an accountant.

To my surprise, Rachel’s response was not only taking care of all my questions but also provided me additional tips and recommendations on how to achieve academic and professional success, such as what kinds of resources and tools are available in Fisher and how classes in graduate school look like, etc. Her informative and insightful advice inspires me a lot on planning my general school schedule ahead and getting ready for the recruiting season in autumn.

As we continue our conversation through email, our topics are expanding ranging from summer internship, strategies for professional development, to industry trends and insights. In order to support me “24/7”, she also gave me her “hotline”, which is her cell phone number in case I have any time-sensitive questions. She is a person with great character, unwavering determination and high integrity. Without her help and encouragement, I don’t think I can accomplish far more than I could have done alone. I appreciate her time and effort on becoming important part of my journey in graduate school exploration.

Now she is not only my mentor but also my best friend. We share our lives with each other constantly by a variety of methods. I would definitely recommend all prospective students to sign up for the mentorship program!

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  1. You are so sweet! Thanks so much! It is truly a joy to be your friend 🙂 I recommend that all MAcc students become mentors! It is such a delightful way to stay in touch with the MAcc program, realize how far you have come, reflect on past and future goals, and meet a new friend!

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