It’s good to be missed

“I’ve been thinking about you.” Whether it’s a text from your high school friend, an email from a past co-worker or a call from an ex-boyfriend, everyone likes to hear those five little words. When most of us decided to go to grad school, we left some pretty important things behind us. Personally, I moved on from a full-time position in Human Resources at OSU. One of my best girlfriends left her friends and family in California. Another one of my best friends left a relationship of five years behind her in her hometown.
It was time to move on. It was time to be a little selfish and take a risk. We each had to leave our comfort zone. And I can tell you, I was hesitant. Did I really want to leave a full-time position in HR for a part-time job, lectures, homework, exams and internships? Thoughts flooded my brain: “In this economy, you’re lucky to have a job! Don’t be ungrateful. You can stay in this job for 30 years, retire and be completely content.” So why did I do it? Because it was uncomfortable, scary, overwhelming and more than anything, exciting.
Anytime you finish a chapter of your life, you are unsure of what’s to come. It’s not easy not knowing what’s next for you. Of course your friends, coworkers, or significant others will miss having you in their life; YOU’RE WONDERFUL! Now is the time to make a decision that is all for you. You are moving on with your life, and investing in your future. It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and take the plunge. Just know, you will be missed.

One thought on “It’s good to be missed”

  1. “It is time to step out of your comfort zone and take the plunge.” I really like this line. I believe every grad student has the same experience. There is always a tradeoff in your lif. While you give up something, you earn something. I am looking forward to your next blog!!

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