Country Living Fair


This first half of the semster is flying by. I can’t believe our first 7-week session is almost over! I have enjoyed getting to know some of the city of Columbus. Columbus is fortunate to have many different festivals to attend on the weekends. Another MAcc classmate and I attended the Country Living Show the other weekend at the Ohio State Expo Center. (My mom had come to Columbus to visit to attend the fair but was not able to go on Sunday so she gave me the tickets to use.) The fair was full of antiques, homemade accessories, clothes, and some snacks. There were tons of vendors there from all over the US selling what they make. A few things I enjoyed looking at was the handmade jewerly in which a man made jewelry out of quarters. Also the paintings or decorated trailer homes for sale. Each booth was different and exciting to hear about the process the vendors went through.  Here are a few pictures from the show:


I look forward to experience the other fairs and festivals in Columbus!