Meet the 2012-13 MAcc Council

One of the many opportunities Fisher MAcc students can take advantage of early on in the one-year program is MAcc Council.  This board serves to represent the entire MAcc class by organizing events, collaborating with other Fisher graduate programs, building relationships with faculty, and many other responsibilities.  Our class elected four wonderful representatives, who in turn selected the remaining members of MAcc Council.  Here’s a little bit about this year’s council members:

Kaitlin Key, President:  As president, Kaitlin will represent the MAcc on the Fisher Graduate Student Association Board (FGSAB), which is a collection of all Fisher graduate council presidents.  She’ll lead our council in making decisions about academic and social events throughout the year.  In my view, she’s the face of the MAcc, and she’s doing a wonderful job already if I do say so myself!!

Alice Liang, Vice President:  Alice will support Kaitlin and the rest of our council.  She’s already stepped up to help us organize a group to participate in Fetch!, a program sponsored by the Ohio Society of CPA’s that will bring financial education to elementary students throughout Ohio through fun games.  I’m excited to see what else Alice comes up with for the year!

Robert Paul, Social Chair:  Robert has made it his goal to make sure we all get to know each other this year and feel like a part of the MAcc and Fisher community.  He’s done a great job so far of organizing social events like our first MAcc family dinner at Mad Mex in the Gateway, and he is planning a variety of outings that will highlight popular Columbus attractions like COSI, a hub of science and education even us “older” children can enjoy!

OJ Mardanov, Treasurer:  OJ will not only be the master of our money, but he will also play a huge part in our MAcc class having meaningful academic and professional opportunities.  I’m confident his likable personality will help our council in funding some great academic/applied talks, seminars, and trips throughout the year.

Kyle Hostetler, Community Service Chair:  Kyle will help communicate campus and Columbus-wide service opportunities to our MAcc class throughout the year.  A canned food drive and possible trip to the Mid Ohio Food Bank is already in the works, so I’m excited for some great service events this year.  Kyle will also inform our class of events we can participate in through Fisher Serves, the Fisher graduate student community service organization.

Sarah Hambley (me!), VITA Service Chair:  I’ll be organizing VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program) this winter.  After participating as a general volunteer at Ohio State last year, I’m excited to get a behind-the-scenes look at a program that provides free tax preparation services to low-income taxpayers in the Columbus area.  More to come on that next semester!

Shiyuan Tian, Academic Relations Chair:  Shiyuan will serve as a liaison between the MAcc students and our academic director, Professor Anil Arya.  She’ll also help Kaitlin in organizing our MAcc Academic talks, where we invite professionals in academia to talk about their research and other academic progress in the accounting and other related business fields.

Ning Zhao, Chair for International Student Engagement:  We’re fortunate to have MAcc students from different backgrounds and different home countries.  Ning will be a representative of the international students in our class so that we can better communicate with all students and both respect and embrace our cultural differences.

I’m so excited to be a member of MAcc Council with all of these great people this year!  I’m sure many future posts will include events in which at least one of these council members played an integral part.  So, in advance, thanks for all of your hard work 🙂