That’s a Case!

It’s hard to believe we’re already into our second month of school!  Sometimes I wonder why I even bothered to bring my TV to my new house because I haven’t turned it on once since I moved in at the beginning of August.  The FTMBA program is definitely time consuming, but it is completely worth it.  However, I’m very much looking forward to the fact that we only have class on Friday for two more weeks!  There are so many great things to get involved in at Fisher, and we’ve already had some awesome events.

This past Thursday and Friday, I participated in the P&G Case Competition, and it was an unbelievable experience!  We have many opportunities to participate in case competitions during the course of the MBA program.  My team won the event, so we were pretty ecstatic about that as you can imagine.  It was a huge honor to win, especially because all of the other teams had such great ideas!  P&G holds the competition every year, where teams of 4 are given a marketing issue to tackle in 5 hours on Thursday night, and then present to the P&G team and judges on Friday.  It’s a very insightful experience and really gives you a glimpse into the kinds of issues you would face as a brand manager.  I loved it and am so grateful that P&G gave Fisher students the opportunity to participate!

P&G also gave us a goodie bag for winning, which being a poor college student, I am stoked about!  I am especially excited about the electric toothbrush 🙂 Overall, it was a great experience and I strongly encourage you to participate next year!

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