In Da Club

If there is one absolute truth in business school, it’s that you will most definitely be In da club.  Fisher’s Clubs give B-Schoolers the opportunity to obtain additional information and skillsets beyond the classroom. During their first month on campus, students gather information on any and all clubs, associations, or projects of interest, weigh any interest against their available bandwidth, in some instances fill out applications, and finally make their choice.  Sound easy?

Gathering Information boils down to two methods of Information collection:

  1. The Info Session:  The info session typically occurs between morning and afternoon core classes on Tuesdays or Thursdays.  They are run by the officers of the club in question, and always include food.  Most of the time its pizza, but occasionally you’re provided with something stellar like Piada.  (Innovation Fisher knows how to Club!)
  2.  The Career Foundation Seminar:   Career foundation seminars focus on either a specific majors or career track.  They are substantially longer than the info session and span between 6 and 8 hours.  During this time The Office of Career Management works with student organizations to bring a wide array of information about the major or concentration.  For instance, the Fisher Graduate Finance Association  included keynote speaker Kenneth R. Kent, speeches by senior executives from The Limited, and two panels consisting of leaders in the finance industry.  When you attend a seminar you’re provided every opportunity to do a deep dive into a major.  They also include the all-important networking opportunities during, and after the event.  Why is this relevant to joining a club?  It’s strongly advised that you become a member of the club or association that pertains to your particular major.

Still sound easy?  The hardest part of the whole process isn’t attending enough events.  In fact, that’s the simple part!  The challenge is identifying your available time, and with that in mind whittling down the plethora of choices to ones that achieve your MBA strategic goals.  For me, I knew before setting foot on campus that I wanted to be an active member of the Fisher Graduate Finance Association , take part in the Fisher Professional Services consulting project with a local client (Huntington Bank in this case), and work with a Corporate Mentor to improve my leadership skills.  In addition to that I have signed on with Innovation Fisher, the Fisher Consulting and Strategy Club, and I am considering the International Business Club to round everything out.  My participation levels may vary, but I know going in that I will get something special and different out of each.