Organize to Stay Sane!

Organization is key to success, both in your personal life or your professional life. This is certainly true at Fisher, because you have to balance so many things – from classes and assignments (which include both individual and team assignments), to obligations (like assistantship duties) to involvement in professional organizations… all while trying to network efficiently and apply for  summer internships positions!

In my case, I depend heavily on a great iPhone App called iStudiez (I know, I hate the spelling too!). I downloaded it onto my iPhone and my Macbook a week before classes started, and it has been a lifesaver. I plugged in my semester dates and my class times and it automatically created my calendar for me. I can then put in assignment info, and link the assignments to each class, with a due date for each and a custom reminder time. The calendar is color coded, and linking the classes and the class assignments means they are the same color, so it’s easily to visually interpret my day within seconds (and it looks pretty!). I can add or edit any item on either my phone or my computer, and it automatically syncs between them. Here’s a sample from the iStudiez website:



Another great thing about this app is it’s ability to display my iCal calendar events from, so I can input all the non-class items into iCal, and it will sync right into iStudiez. I can see my entire calendar (class/MBA events/GA schedule/personal calendar) and my to-do list for each day all in one place, all color-coded and organized!

My iPhone is an essential part of organizing my day, and organizing my day is an essential part of my success here at Fisher.

Therefore, I have come to the perfectly logical conclusion that it is absolutely essential for me to continue to invest in my success as an MBA candidate by purchasing the newly-announced iPhone 5:

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Isn’t it beautiful? I’m very excited about about this sound investment!! 😉