My first busy week in MAcc

Hi, everyone.

It’s been a long week packed with career fair, quiz and first round of interview for me before I finally get a chance to relax today. Monday afternoon was the Graduate Students Career fair, which was held on the second floor of Blackwell inn. It lasted more than three hours and attracted 29 global and domestic corporations that came to seek Fisher graduate students as prospective employees. As you can tell from the name of this event, most of them are looking for students who are in process of earning their MAcc, MBA, MBLE or other Master degree in business and has in-depth knowledge in certain business areas.

Here I want to thank Career Management office for devoting significant resources and time on organizing all career events in the past few weeks so that we can take advantage of the career fair brochure on Fisher’s website instead of wasting tons of time finding who will come, where are their booth in career fair and what is their major business and products. Fortunately, I was able to introduce myself and area of interest to my target companies and collected all kinds of information that I need for the application process.

On Wednesday night, I went to the KPMG pre-night event at Eddie George’s 27 Grille, where I got to know more about the culture and value of the company as well as network with KPMG people from different practices. It was definitely great for us who will have interview with KPMG tomorrow to get over those jitters and took this event as a dry run.

On Thursday morning, my first accounting interview kicked off at 11:00. I arrived at Gerlach Hall 20 minutes early and saw some of my fellow students already sitting at the “square” inside the career office, waiting for their interviews. Luckily, when I met my interviewer, there was a big smile and eye contact from her that gave me plenty of confidence to sell my “brand” during the 30 minute interview. That was what I have been doing this week and I hope my interviews next week will go well, too … please keep your finger crossed for me!!!