The Columbus Cat Show

Over Labor Day weekend the International Cat Show was in Columbus, OH.  I have watched dog shows on television and am a huge fan of the mockumentory “Best In Show,” but I had never experienced something like the cat show.  My boyfriend and I did not have any plans for Sunday so we decided to head to the Columbus Convention Center to check out the cats.  When we first walked into the hall, there was a cat fashion show taking place on the main stage.  We saw cats in top hats and cats dressed like flowers.  I have no urge to dress up my new cat, Dagny, like a baby (even if she would let me), but it was definitely an entertaining event.

After watching the fashion show we walked around the vendors booths.  They were selling everything from organic cat food to six foot tall cat towers to handmade cat sweaters.  We were also able to catch some of the judging competitions.  We saw the short haired kittens and the adult Maine coons.  One of the judges explained the characteristics that she looks for in a Maine coon, including the shape of the muzzle and length of the tail.

Judge looking at one of the Maine coon champions

In addition, we watched some of the cat agility competition.  There were different obstacles in an enclosed arena that the cat could navigate for different amount of points.  The owners guided the cats through tunnels and over hurdles using the cats favorite toy on the end of a stick.

Cat and owner performing in the agility competition

While I don’t plan on breeding cats for show or dressing up Dagny, the cat show was a fun experience.  It was certainly cheaper and a more unique way to spend the afternoon than going to the movies!

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