Stress? We don’t need no stinkin’ stress!

Even MBA students have rough days.

All in all, being a full time student, in my opinion, is far less stressful than working.  You are only responsible for managing your own work, you don’t deal with customer issues, and your schedule tends to be more flexible, which is a benefit that everyone can appreciate.  But, even in that environment, stress can rear its ugly head.

So just like in the “real world,” it’s a good idea to know what helps you make it through those stressful times.  It’s different for every person.  And very often it’s different for the same person based on the situation. I know people that thrive on being with friends and those that need some quiet time to regroup.  I myself turn to junk food (I love cake), while I have friends that find themselves looking to healthy food options that make them feel better.  My sister sweats away her stress at yoga, kickboxing, running, and other forms of exercise, but my mother turns to Lifetime movies to take her mind off her own stress (apparently by focusing on the dramatic life issues of those poor people in the Lifetime movies).

And I have Einstein.  Einstein never interrupts me when I complain, he doesn’t judge me if I choose not to make the bed, and he certainly doesn’t give me a hard time about my food choices because that dog will eat anything from fresh vegetables to frosting.

Think about what brings you joy and be prepared to have those options available to you during school (or anytime, for that matter)!  Life, after all, is all about balance…. right?



Taking a nap with Einstein